Can I remove the courtesy car option from an insurance quote to make it cheaper?

Is there any way one can get the 'free' courtesy car offer removed from a quote? Questions are asked about access to other vehicles. If you have access this usually implies that mobility is not totally compromised and you don't need a courtesy vehicle. I have absolutely no need of a courtesy car but can't find how to remove it and the presumed cost element from the quote.

I'm looking to minimise insurance costs on a vehicle used almost solely for caravan towing and is used for less than 3000 miles a year. Last year's premium was £358 but the latest quote is in excess of £670.

Asked on 29 February 2024 by J. Mills

Answered by Louise Thomas
If a courtesy car is offered as part of a policy, this isn’t something you can usually remove to get a discount on your price. This is because it’s a standard offering with the policy. However, today, there are multiple levels of cover you can get which offer different options when it comes to extras, such as courtesy cars. Many insurers now offer what is known as an essentials policy, which offers you the basics of a comprehensive policy but without add-ons. If you don’t need a full policy with all the benefits then try searching for an essential policy when quoting, as these should be a little cheaper too.
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