I'm struggling to get insurance now I'm over 80 - what can I do?

I am over 80 and a very experienced driver but my recent quotes from mainstream insurance companies have more than doubled my quotes. My main car is a BMW 330e and I have a Mercedes SLK for summer use doing no more than 2000 miles a year. In one case LV said they were doing me a favour, long standing customer as they no longer insure anyone over 80. Can they do this and are their any companies which take into account one’s experience and fitness to drive rather than relying on a algorithm?

Asked on 29 February 2024 by Martin Day

Answered by Louise Thomas
When it comes to offering prices to customers, insurers will make their decision based on the risk of that customer making a claim. Some demographics, such as older or younger drivers, or those living in some areas of the UK will all fall into risk categories, and some insurers may choose not to cover these groups.

However, this is only the case for a small number of companies, and there will be insurers out there who will be willing to provide cover for some risk groups. Using a price comparison site like www.Confused.com, which works with over 150 insurers, is the best way to run a quote and find an insurer that is willing to provide you with insurance, and you can compare all of the prices in one place too so you can find the cheapest deal.
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