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How much less would a fully repaired Cat N car sell for compared with an underaged car?
You have recommended various second-hand cars for me to buy. While looking I have come across a MINI which says it is a Cat S, hence the low price. Should I steer clear of this?
I have bought my Cat S write off back. Do I need to re-register it even though I have owned it for several years? And do I need to re-MoT it as there is six months MoT left?
If buying a car with a Category N, do I need a certificate after repairs so that it is approved to drive again?
My car was a Cat N write off. A settlement has been agreed but do I have to re-insure the car and do I need to contact the DVLA? The car was bought back from insurance company.
I am buying a Mk2 Volkswagen Golf GTI 16 valve from a friend which has light structural damage and has been written off as Category S. But is very repairable according to a local repair specialist. The...
Is a Category S write off more expensive to insure?
My car is a Cat S write off. How do I get it off the register? All repairs have been done but my insurance quotes are ridiculous so I need it off the register.
My partner was entering a car park when the car in front off him suddenly stopped and reversed into our car (our car was stationary). There is no visible damage except now the bonnet latch won't close...
Have insurance write-off categories changed?

Value my car