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Most recently answered write off categories questions
I have agreed to retain the salvage of my vehicle after it was declared a total loss category N. The third party insurers have paid out the agreed settlement figure. I am going to use the money to repair...
Is it easy to sell a Cat S car?
I am trying to sell my Category N Audi A3 saloon 1.8 S Line, a 2015 car with 55,000 miles on the clock. I am struggling to sell it, could I please get an estimation on what it's worth and best ways to...
My car was damaged and declared a Category C write-off by the insurance company. However, since then, it has been repaired to a high standard and has passed its MoT. Can you please tell me how I can apply...
I have been offered a Cat S write-off that has been fully repaired at a reasonable price. I plan to get a full mechanical inspection before proceeding. Apart from an obvious markdown in reselling price,...
What is a Cat D repair?
How much less would a fully repaired Cat N car sell for compared with an underaged car?
You have recommended various second-hand cars for me to buy. While looking I have come across a MINI which says it is a Cat S, hence the low price. Should I steer clear of this?
I have bought my Cat S write off back. Do I need to re-register it even though I have owned it for several years? And do I need to re-MoT it as there is six months MoT left?
If buying a car with a Category N, do I need a certificate after repairs so that it is approved to drive again?

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