How do I obtain a V5C for a car that's a Cat S write off?

I am buying a Mk2 Volkswagen Golf GTI 16 valve from a friend which has light structural damage and has been written off as Category S. But is very repairable according to a local repair specialist. The writing-off insurance company has asked the registered keeper for the V5C. Will it be reissued to the registered keeper amended to the write-off Category S? Or will I have to apply for one when the vehicle is repaired and inspected?

Asked on 12 November 2019 by Edward Tuke

Answered by Keith Moody
A Category S can be repaired following structural damage and you can use the vehicle again if it’s repaired to a roadworthy condition. If you want to keep a vehicle in category C, D, N or S, the insurance company will give you an insurance payout and sell the vehicle back to you. To keep a category C or S vehicle, you also need to send the complete logbook to your insurance company and apply for a free duplicate logbook using form V62. DVLA will record the vehicle’s category in the logbook.
Be aware that insurance can be harder to find for written-off cars and can be more expensive. Written-off cars are also worth less than their undamaged counterparts and can be hard to sell on. The car will have the 'Cat S' on its logbook as a permanent record.
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