Should I repair my Cat N write off?

I have recently been involved in a car accident where I was not at fault. The car's damage, which was mostly done to the front bumper on the driver's side, was reasessed by my insurers and deemed to be a Category N as it will cost £3755, which they claim is more than the value of the car itself (I have a Fiat 500 14 reg). I have only just had my MoT done in June, so it won't be up for another till next year and my insurance is due for nenewal next month. I'm reclaiming salvage and getting the car back without the repairs and have been advised to get it fixed privately. Can you give me any other advice?

Asked on 29 August 2019 by Hayley Ord

Answered by Tim Kelly
I would in the first instance go to your own repairer, get a quote or preferably a "pro forma invoice" for the cost of repair. If the cost is less than the market value, contact your insurer advising that the car is NOT a total loss and that you insist they repair or provide a cash in lieu at the cost of repair. If you deal with the claim on a total loss basis with your retaining salvage, then you will be in a worse financial situation due to the charge they will wish to make for salvage that you already own.

If the repair cost exceeds the market value, then it is definitely a total loss. In that instance, I would push to increase the value as high as possible ( I would do this either way) the higher the value, the more of a repairable proposition your car is. I would then argue that as the incident is not your fault, that the "open market rate" for the salvage is applicable rather than the contractural rate the insurer may obtain. Try to reduce the cost of salvage as much as possible. Being a cat N total loss, you need do nothing with your V5C and do not need to get the vehicle reassessed in any way.
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