Jaguar I-Pace Review 2024

Jaguar I-Pace At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
If you’re after a family EV, and you’ve got a few quid to spend on it, the I-Pace is definitely worthy of your consideration.

+One of the most enjoyable cars of its type to drive, lots of standard equipment provided, good driving range of almost 300 miles between charges.

-Road noise means it’s not as peaceful as some rivals, ride isn’t as settled as an Audi e-tron’s, infotainment system can be fiddly.

New prices start from £64,495
Insurance Group 48

The Jaguar I-Pace isn’t quite the sports car that Jaguar would have you believe, but it’s still the best electric car to drive, with epic speed, sharp handling and decent ride comfort. The cabin is roomy and family-friendly, and there’s plenty of standard equipment, too. A good all-rounder, and has a longer driving range than many rivals. An Audi E-Tron feels plusher, a Mercedes EQC feels more tech-savvy and a Tesla Model X is more practical. If it’s fun you’re after, though, the I-Pace is the one for you.

If we were asked to name the two areas of most rapid growth for the car market these days, our answer would be simple: SUVs and electric cars. So, as an all-electric luxury SUV, the Jaguar I-Pace looks to have it made, right?

However desirable it is, though, the I-Pace isn’t about to have the masses ditching the combustion engine entirely and going electric. It’s too expensive for mass adoption on that scale. It has succeeded, though, in injecting some extra coolness and fun into electric motoring.

Fun in particular. That’s because the I-Pace is without doubt one of the most enjoyable cars of its type to drive. It handles sharply, steers sweetly, and although it never quite shakes off its considerable weight, it’s still great fun to thread around your favourite country road.

It’s also blisteringly quick. The twin electric motors combine to punt out a sports-car-worrying 400PS, and the muscle is never further than a quick flex of your right ankle away.

A pretty comfortable ride also makes the I-Pace family-friendly, as does the roomy cabin and big boot. The build quality can’t match the best-in-class, perhaps, with one or two trim pieces that don’t quite match up to the standards of the rest, but it’s still a very pleasant environment in which to spend time. Lots of luxury kit comes as standard, meanwhile, and it’s well stocked on the safety front, too.

And importantly for lots of electric car buyers, it has an impressively long driving range, longer than most EVs and longer than the direct rivals from Audi and Mercedes with which it competes. This will make it a realistic proposition for more would-be EV drivers.

True, EVs don’t come with as many financial incentives as they once did, but there are still some very handy savings to be made, particularly if you’re a company car driver.

So the I-Pace manages to take the style and practicality of an SUV, and the feel-good-factor and low running costs of an EV, and wrap it all up in one package that’s fun to drive and a pleasure to live with.

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Ask Honest John

What used electric car should we replace our Honda CR-V with?

"We are looking to replace a petrol Honda CR-V automatic with an electric SUV and exploring what's best? Our Honda CR-V has been super reliable and we value that. The Jaguar I-Pace has superb reviews as a car and cost is good value used but lots of reports suggesting scary unreliability, build quality issues and problematic breakdown/repair support. How scared should we be of that? And should we get an alternative electric SUV instead?"
Jaguar actually performed very well in our Satisfaction Index last year: We've had very few reports of issues with the Jaguar I-Pace, too. Early models suffered from electrical gremlins and a few battery issues, but these should have been ironed out by now: If you're considering a used Jaguar I-Pace, it might be worth investing in an aftermarket warranty to put your mind at rest: As an alternative, it might be worth looking at more mainstream electric cars like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Skoda Enyaq iV.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Should I buy a used Jaguar I-Pace or Porsche Taycan?

"I purchased a new Nissan Leaf Tekna in November and am very pleased apart from the range. In real terms I can only go around 45-50 miles and back unless I drive very carefully. I am considering selling it with 2,800 miles and I won't lose much. I run my own company so have lots of tax perks. I would love a used Jaguar I-Pace costing around £65,000 but am very concerned I will be paying too much. With so many excellent EVs coming out I wonder if I might regret the purchase in six months if prices tumble. My other choice would be the basic Porsche Taycan at £80,000 but unregistered, so a wait of six to nine months. I'm happy to keep the Leaf for that duration and it will still only be under one year since registered. So should I bite the bullet and buy a used I-Pace or order a new Taycan? Or wait and see what comes out this year? "
It's a difficult one as prices are inflated at the moment – that means you'll get your money back on your Leaf, but also you'll pay more for any replacement. In an ideal world you'd sell your Leaf now and buy something else once the bubble's burst... but you might be waiting for a while. In your situation, I'd be looking at something like the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Kia EV6. While they don't have a premium badge, they're two of the best electric cars on the market with a very useable real-world electric range. Obviously a Porsche Taycan will be a more luxurious choice – if you're looking for something upmarket, take a look at the latest BMW electric cars, such as the i4 and iX.
Answered by Andrew Brady

What's the best small, electric 4x4?

"I'm planning to use our 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman for a deposit on an electric 4x4, some kind of lease deal. The question is, what 4x4 do we need? We share our time between London and rural Suffolk, and the lanes have been particularly muddy and icy of late. It would also need to transport two cocker spaniels and have enough room in the back for baby seats as we have grandchildren (dogs and children not necessarily at the same time as we have access to other cars). So, as small as possible, decent off-road ability and ground clearance, funky, and able to travel between London and Suffolk easily in terms of range. Thanks."
The Jaguar I-Pace might do the job. It has an official range of up to 292 miles and is a fairly practical choice, but it's not cheap. Also consider the Audi e-tron or Mercedes EQC. Alternatively, if you're happy to compromise on the 4x4 requirement, consider the Peugeot e-2008 or Kia e-Niro. Both are very versatile small electric crossovers.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Should my next car be electric or petrol?

"I will be without a car for 6 months as the police are kindly looking after my licence. I currently have a diesel Kia Sportage, which I will sell. I want a 4x4. What fuel type should I buy? From doing 20,000 miles per year, I think it will be well less than 10,000 as the pandemic has made a huge difference in the way people meet. I'd appreciate your advice."
It depends on your needs, really. If most of your journeys are relatively short and you can charge a car at home, an electric vehicle might suit. Electric 4x4s are quite expensive, though –so depending on budget, you could consider cars like the Polestar 2 or Jaguar I-Pace. As a compromise, consider hybrid vehicles like a Toyota RAV4.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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