Top 10: Estate cars

The traditional estate has come a long way from being the proverbial wardrobe on wheels. Indeed, today they represent one of the best ways to transport your family, with high refinement and acres of storage. Here are the 10 you search for the most.

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Volvo V60

Volvo has reinvented itself as a genuine premium car maker, something which began with the XC90 and has continued. The V60 is just as good as its bigger counterparts with the same quality and comfort. While you're making a statement by buying a Volvo V60 over a German rival, it doesn't represent a compromise.

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BMW 5 Series Touring

If you want the best estate on the market, this generation of the BMW 5 Series Touring makes a very good case for itself. It's every inch the upmarket estate it presents itself as, with a beautifully finished interior, excellent refinement and a huge load area. The ultimate estate car? We'd find it hard to argue with that.

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Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

Toyota has ditched the Auris badge in favour of a famous name from its past. So we once again have the Toyota Corolla - available as both a hatchback and an estate. There's a petrol engine but it's the hybrids - an improved 1.8-litre and a new more powerful 2.0-litre version offering strong performance - which will be by far the most popular.

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Kia Ceed Sportswagon

Kia may have dropped the apostrophe for the 2018 Ceed but this model continues many of the strengths that have made the previous generations so popular. It's well built, good value and has affordable running costs. With 625 litres of carrying space it can carry more than a Volkswagen Golf Estate.

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Skoda Octavia Estate

We know the Octavia isn't the most exciting of estate cars - with the exception of the vRS version - but there is no denying it's one of the best, especially given what good value for money it is. It's also easy to drive and very comfortable, making this an ideal long distance car.

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Skoda Superb Estate

As far as family estate cars go, the Superb Estate ticks all the right boxes. This is one car that's close to faultless. Not only does it boast a mammoth-sized boot but it has the quality feel of a premium car, yet costs the same as a family hatchback. When it comes to offering value for money, nothing does it as well as the Superb Estate.

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate

This new C-Class Estate is defined by its refinement, its cabin flair, the depth of quality of the surfaces, and the apparent thought that’s gone into the design. Mercedes-Benz hasn’t tried to make it a BMW either.

So while it’s perfectly good at the more dynamic stuff (rear-wheel drive, weighty steering and a brilliantly unobtrusive seven-speed automatic gearbox), it’s actually a lot better when its gently going about its business – when it’s ‘wafting along’, to coin a cliché that Mercedes-Benz owners the world over used to use. 

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Volkswagen Passat Estate

The latest Passat Estate load space has been increased - up to 650 litres from 603 litres, expandable to a huge 1780 litres by folding the seats. But not only is the load area large but it is also user-friendly. The load lip is low and the opening is wide, so getting items in and out is easy.

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MINI Clubman

Instead of a quirky yet compromised estate, the new Clubman is more like a conventional small family car, with the added bonus of a luxurious interior. In fact, despite the estate car styling the Clubman is actually around the same size as an Audi A3 Sportback.

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Ford Mondeo Estate

It's easy to overlook the Mondeo Estate but we think it's a very underrated car that offers much more than you'd expect. For starters there's the strong blend of neat handling and very impressive comfort. The Mondeo rides quietly and smoothly, even over rougher road surfaces, yet offers a good level of engagement and precision through twists and turns.

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