Audi A6 Allroad (2019 – 2021) Review

Audi A6 Allroad (2019 – 2021) At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
There is a lot to like with the A6 Allroad, The interior quality is impeccable and the A6 has one of the finest cabins around, while the ride is wonderfully smooth.

+Beautifully built with a luxury interior, very comfortable even on largest wheels thanks to air suspension, covers long distances effortlessly.

-Automatic gearbox with TDI engine is frustratingly slow witted at times.

Insurance Groups are between 40–45

The Audi A6 Allroad follows the well trodden path of its predecessors that puts it part way between estate and SUV. It’s not alone, with the Volvo V90 Cross Country and Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain following the same formula. Based on the A6 Avant you get an increased ride height and slightly better ground clearance along with extras such as hill descent control. The A6 Allroad is not cheap of course, but the quality is excellent and this is every inch a spacious and comfortable premium estate that’s also ideal for towing with.

In an attempt to differentiate the 2020 A6 Allroad from the normal A6 Avant, Audi has given it obligatory wheelarch moulds, extra bits on the bumpers and a rather ugly grille design. That said, Audi has toned all this down since the original Allroad model and many people will be hard pressed to notice the difference between this and a standard A6 Avant. Good thing? We'll let you decide…

Refinement is a strong point with minimal noise of any kind making its way into the cabin on the move. This makes it a very relaxing car for big distances. The interior has masses of space although the big central tunnel in the back means it's a squeeze for three in the back, while the boot is as cavernous as you'd expect.

The cabin design is one of the best around while the quality is everything we’d expect from a high-end Audi with chunky metal trim on the dash and satisfying-to-use buttons. The interior is dominated by two touchscreens (one above the other) which control all the main functions in the car, making for an uncluttered look.

As for engines, the 45 TDI and 50 TDI use the same 3.0-litre diesel engine, albeit with differing power outputs, but both have a mild-hybrid system, designed to improve fuel economy. 

The 45 TDI should provide more than enough power for most with 231PS and more importantly 500Nm of torque. There is also a petrol in the shape of the 55 TFSI but it’s thirsty and seems redundant next to the strong diesels.

However, what lets the TDI models down is the Tiptronic eight-speed automatic. It's excellent when accelerating in a straight line with smooth and quick shifts, but it’s hesitant at junctions. The lack of response quickly becomes infuriating and can also be dangerous. It makes dealing with junctions and roundabouts very frustrating - this is the one thing which lets the A6 Allroad down.

The Allroad is expensive compared to standard A6 Avant with a starting price of more than £55,000 and there's still plenty of room for options on top of that. However, it is cheaper than an equivalent E-Class All-Terrain while other rivals include the Volvo V90 Cross Country and for less money the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack and Subaru Outback.

This is a car that's very much at home covering big motorway miles. If you can live with the hesitant gearbox, it's an excellent rugged estate.

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