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Which is the best PHEV hybrid to purchase to replace a Nissan Leaf?
What annual mileage is required to warrant the extra cost of a hybrid?
I am very pleased with my three-year-old Subaru XV auto. I have no reason to change it, except that I am considering swapping to a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for sake of good ecological practice. Perhaps...
I have read your report about poor real life mpg for plug-in hybrids if not plugged in. Why are they less efficient than conventional hybrids if used in the same way?
I'm about to purchase both a Toyota Prius plug-in and a Nissan Leaf. I have the option of getting a Chargemaster home charging unit for free via an offer from Toyota. I can have either a tethered unit...
Millions of owners of houses and flats are not able to park their cars outside their property. So how do they charge their electric cars? No article ever seems to answer this problem.
Do you know if there are any manufactures that sell hybrid, PHEV or full electric 16/17 seat minibuses?

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