I want to buy an EV or PHEV but I worry about changing from manual to auto - what do you think?

When electric vehicles are discussed, one thing I do not see mentioned is whether older drivers should change from manual to electric. Electric vehicles must be automatic or equivalent to an automatic. My journeys are totally suitable for an electric vehicle or Plug-In Hybrid; 90% short trips. With home charging, the new BMW 330e with its 40-mile range on electric would be ideal (if somewhat extravagant). I would rarely have to visit a garage but I do want a vehicle that would do 250 miles before needing a charge. However, I passed my driving test in 1962 and my other half tells me not to touch automatics. My daughter’s car was hit by a car driven by an elderly driver that accidentally went 30-foot across a car park from a parking space and my neighbour, driving an automatic, wrote off five cars in a car park in a similar fashion. I am quite happy on the outside lane of the motorway in my Porsche Boxster (manual) and I don’t think going to an electric vehicle would be a problem after a couple of hundred miles of practice but I am a bit wary of making the change. What are your views on this?

Asked on 4 November 2019 by Michael Prosser

Answered by Andrew Brady
I'm a big fan of automatics - they're easier and more relaxing to drive and make a lot of sense unless you particularly enjoy changing gears. A plug-in hybrid sounds like it'd suit your needs very well, assuming you can charge it at home. But there are more affordable PHEVs on the market than the 330e - consider a Volkswagen Passat PHEV or Hyundai Ioniq PHEV.
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