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Can you charge any make of EV or PHEV from a home charging point?

Do PHEVs have a standardised fitting across all manufacturers? If I fit a recharging pod at my home, say for a BMW and later change to a Kia, will the same pod charge that car?

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Not necessarily. Most PHEVs now used a Type 2 connector, but the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV uses a Type 1. If you have a home charger installed, you should be safe opting for one with a Type 2 lead, providing you're not planning on buying an Outlander or another older model in the future. If you're concerned, select an untethered or universal unit which will work with any plug-in car, but this will mean having to take the lead out of your car's boot and plug it in every time you want to use the charger.
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