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New Cars On Sale Soon

A guide to all the new cars coming soon to a showroom near you.

Logo _of _Alpine


Alpine -teaser -embargo -10h 00-280217-02 (1)

Alpine A110 - on sale early 2018

Powered by a 1.8-litre, 252PS petrol engine, the A110 is likely to cost around £50,000, which makes it a competetior for the Porsche Cayman. But it's set to be an extremely light, very fun little car.

See the full story on the new A110 here



56464-a -alf  

Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2)

Alfa Romeo Stelvio - on sale mid 2017

It seems not even Alfa Romeo is immune from jumping on the SUV bandwagon. Will it ever end? The Stelvio is based on the Giulia and has the same engines including the 2.2 JTDM-2 diesel.

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Audi RS 5 (1)

Audi RS 5 - on sale May 2017

Bye-bye V8, hello V6. Audi has downsized for its latest RS 5, but with no compromise when it comes to power or torque - the new model promises to be more potent and capable than ever.

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Audi Q5 - on sale early 2017

It may look very different but this Q5 is 'all-new' apparently. According to Audi at least. One of the big improvements should be the ride quality thanks to new suspension.

Find the full story on the Q5 here



59532-g -bmw (1)

P90244986_high Res _the -new -bmw -5-series

BMW 5 Series Touring- on sale early 2017

If you like your big, comfortable BMWs with more space and practicality, voila - 5 Series Touring. The entry model is the 520d, while the top version is the 540i. An E-Class is bigger, though.

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Citroen Aircross (1)

Citroen C3 Picasso - on sale late 2017

It might have been introduced as the Aircross Concept, but really this is the new C3 Picasso, complete with SUV styling instead of dull MPV look. And Airbumps, because they're Citroen's new favourite thing.

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Ds _400x 400_2

DS7-Crossback -(2)

DS 7 Crossback - on sale late 2017

The first DS model that is truly a DS and not just a Citroen with some different badges, the DS 7 Crossback looks set to be genuinley luxurious, with the sort of ride quality the original Citroen DS was famed for. 

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 Ford -logo -big

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta - on sale summer 2017

Looking a lot like a Focus, the new Fiesta is being positioned as a more upmarket model than the outgoing car, so it's likely to come better equipped, but with a higher list price.

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Honda _car _large   

Honda Type R

Honda Civic Type R - on sale mid 2017

Honda has decided to crank the crazy dial up to 320PS on the new Civic Type R, but it's still front-wheel drive. So it might be a bit lairy, a lot like it's incredibly fun, hardcore predecessor. 

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59597hyu (1) 

Hyundai I 30 Estate 2

Hyundai i30 Tourer - on sale late 2017

The latest i30 is a very worthy alternative to the usual choices of Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra, so the Tourer should be a great choice for those who want to put more junk in their trunk.

Find the full story on the new i30 Tourer here





Kia Picanto - on sale early 2017

It might look like the old Picanto, but this is actually an all-new car, with plenty of new, modern tech like Apple and Android smartphone mirroring. It's more spacious inside, too.

Read more about the forthcoming Kia Rio


Kia -stinger -1

Kia Stinger GT - on sale late 2017

A few years ago the idea of Kia making a credible alternative to the Audi A5 would have been laughable. Now, not so much - but it's still going to be a challenge for Kia to pull it off.

Read the full story on the new luxury GT from Kia



Nts _lrcolourlogo _copy _new _bbda


Range Rover Velar - on sale late 2017

Range Rover Evoque too small? Sport too big? Porsche Macan too German? Here's the answer - a new model that is more road-focused than any previous Range Rover. 

Read the full story on the new Velar



Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 - on sale spring 2017

While it looks like a mid-life refresh, Mazda says this is actually the next-generation CX-5. Prices are expected to start at around £23,000 and both engines from the current car will be carried over. 

See the full story on the latest generation CX-5




16c 722_066

Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain - on sale spring 2017

Mercedes-Benz has announced the E-Class All-Terrain, an all-wheel drive version of the E-Class Estate with increased ground clearance and additional protective bodywork. 

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Mercedes E-Class Coupe (1)

Mercedes E-Class Coupe - on sale April 2017

With looks inspired by the S-Class Coupe, the sleek two-door version of the E-Class will be larger and more luxurious than its predecessor. Engines include the E400, powered by a 3.0-litre V6.

Read more on the new E-Class Coupe 



Peugeot -5008-1 (2)

Peugeot 5008 - on sale Spring 2017

The seven-seat 5008 gets a new SUV-look, a larger platform with more interior space and a new range of efficient engines. Expect prices for the new 5008 to start from £24,000.

Read the full story on the new 5008




Porsche -Panamera -Sport -Turismo --(2)

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo - on sale late 2017

Want your big, fast, luxury Porsche to be more estatey? We don't blame you, especially since the result looks so good. Same engine range as the normal Panamera, but with extra practicality.

See the full story on Panamera Sport Turismo


250110-a -ren (1)

Alaskan -1

Renault Alaskan - autumn 2017

If you like the Nissan Navara but you'd rather buy a Renault, then this is it. Although details aren't final yet, so there could be some unique options and engines on the Renault versio.

Find out all you need to know about the new generation Scenic



200416-ren (1)

Renault Koleos - on sale mid 2017

Renault is bringing the Koleos back to the UK. The SUV will arrive here mid-2017 and will most likely share its platform and engines with the Nissan X-Trail. Prices will start in the region of £23,000.

Read more on the return of the Koleos



190110sea (1)

Seat -ibiza -2 (1)

SEAT Ibiza - on sale mid-2017

It took a long time, but the all-new SEAT Ibiza finally arrives in 2017 and it looks like a winner, with loads of new connectivity and safety tech, efficient engines and classy styling.

Read the full story on the all-new Ibiza



  Skoda 20logo (1)

Skoda -kodiaq -2 (2)

Skoda Kodiaq - on sale April 2017

Skoda is launching its first ever big SUV with the Kodiaq - which is available with seven seats. If the Superb is anything to go by we're expecting a high quality interior and excellent comfort.

Find the full story on the new Kodiaq here



Vauxhall _new _logo

Vauxhall -insignia -2

Vauxhall Insignia - on sale summer 2017

Vauxhall has announced the first details of its all-new Insignia, which is now known as the Insignia Grand Sport. Hatchback versions will arrive in Summer 2017, with an estate variant coming later.

Read our full story on the new Insignia


Vauxhall -Crossland -X-1

Vauxhall Crossland X - on sale summer 2017

It might look like someone got told to design an SUV after they'd already finished drawing an MPV, and that's probably what happened. Effectively it's a Meriva replacement, with offroader looks. 

Read our road test of the new Crossland X



Volkswagen Arteon (4) (1)

Volkswagen Arteon - on sale summer 2017

On sale from summer 2017, the Arteon is the new for the Volkswagen CC, which was the new name for Passat CC once upon a time. Same story, though - it's a prettier Passat.

Read more on the new Volkswagen Arteon here



59728-g -vol

Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 - on sale mid 2017

Imagine an XC90 but smaller. That's the XC60. It has the same beautiful cabin layout, loads of impressive safety kit and the latest range of poweful engines. Exciting. 

Read our preview of the XC60


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