Top 10: Least Reliable Brands

The Satisfaction Index 2020 gathered 10,000 responses from owners, covering every major manufacturer and hundreds of models. We’ve crunched the data and worked out which brands are proving least reliable for owners.

Our survey asks owners to rate their vehicle out of 10 across key areas including practicality, comfort and ownership costs, but this list concerns reliability only, taking every model in the brand into account. There are some real surprises in this year’s top 10 – bottom 10, really – including one tech-based agitator and a luxury sports car maker. Read on to see which brands need to improve dramatically…

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Reliability average score: 8.33

Sad times for the self-styled maker of tough American SUVs. Our Index shows that owners are generally dissatisfied across the board, especially in areas of fuel economy and build quality. And, of course, reliability. That combined with quite high repair costs means that Jeep owners are generally not as happy as they should be.

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Reliability average score: 8.41

Interesting. Anecdotally Teslas are known to be problematic but the company is forgiven because it’s seen as something of a pioneer, and of course a newcomer to the car industry. Our survey backs up those stories, with owners telling us they‘re particularly concerned about build quality and relatively high repair costs.

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Reliability average score: 8.50

Vauxhall can be given a little leeway here because it sells so many Astras, Corsas and Mokka X models in particular that sheer volume dictates it’ll have some issues. The last of those actually does well for reliability, according to our Index. Sadly, Vauxhall is just seeing too many cars suffer problems across the board.

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Reliability average score: 8.61

It's a poor showing from Citroen in the 2020 Index. In fairness to Citroen, newer models like the C3 Aircross (pictured) do perform better than the older stuff, which is dragging the company’s average score down. Still, it’s the same old thing from Citroen generally: a little risky.

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Alfa Romeo

Reliability average score: 8.67

It’s too easy to lean on cliché here, but… Alfa Romeo may be making pretty and engaging cars again in the Giulia and the Stelvio, but owners are still finding the reliability experience questionable. The Giulietta actually does well in the reliability stakes, but it’s alone in the model range on that front.

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Land Rover

Reliability average score: 8.71

Land Rover’s reputation for patchy reliability is borne out by our Index results, with owners across the brand’s models (including Range Rover) less than satisfied. The Freelander fares worst, although generally owners love the luxury and comfort that their 4x4s provide.

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Reliability average score: 8.74

British built under the guidance of BMW, you’d think MINI would fare better with owners, but there you go. Owners are generally very happy with their MINIs in build quality and handling terms, but reliability and repair costs leave something to be desired.

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Reliability average score: 8.87

Surprised? The price of a Cayman may be almost twice the national average salary, but owners lucky enough to own a Porsche are not having the fuss-free experience they may expect. The Cayman in particular comes in for criticism from owners, although the more expensive 911 does fare much better.

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Reliability average score: 8.88

Of the 900,000 Renault models that went through an MoT in 2017, just 53 per cent passed. A quite shocking result and way below the national pass average, when taking both mileage and age into consideration. It follows that our latest Satisfaction Index shows Renault owners quite unsatisfied with the reliability of their cars.

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Reliability average score: 8.90

Between the mainstay Golf hatchback and the highly popular T-Roc – one of the UK’s best-selling crossovers – Volkswagen is certainly making cars that people are keen to buy. Sadly the maker’s reputation for solid reliability is somewhat better than the reality at present. Our latest MoT data shows Volkswagen’s overall pass rate at just 67 per cent.

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