Top 10: Best large SUVs

Large SUVs are very popular for the space, comfort and practicality they offer, as well as the raised driving position prized by so many. There’s plenty of choice so to help you find the one that suits you best here are the top 10 from our 2017 Honest John Satisfaction Index.

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Jaguar F-Pace

Overall rating: 93.75%

The F-Pace may be Jaguar’s first SUV, but it has hit the mark with its first place in our 2017 Satisfaction Index. That’s testament to its superb scores in every key area, including a very high ranking for safety - an important consideration for many family buyers.

On the road, F-Pace owners love the way it handles corners and they’re just as keen on how well it performs, plus it's easy to drive. Factor in superb build quality along with top drawer reliability and it’s clear to see this is a very worthy winner that even offers good fuel economy and low repair costs.

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