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I'm seeking a used small car to replace an ageing Nissan Micra. Preferably one that doesn't go wrong very often and is low cost to fix when it does. What models do you suggest?
Can you recommend a five-door, five-seat automatic that gives 45mpg + and is quite cheap to tax? Small to medium size car. Budget is £7000
My daughter has just passed her test but has only driven the instructor's Peugeot 308 and likes this a lot. We have a budget of up to £5000 - what car should she look at?
I want to upgrade my diesel BMW X3 to an automatic petrol hybrid, what would you recommend?
I have owned Toyota hybrids for a few years now and have been satisfied with the quality and performance. My wife and I cover about 12,000 miles a year. It's mixed driving (motorway, country roads and...
I recently passed my driving test at the age of 28. I am looking for my first car. I have no knowledge of cars. My car use is mostly city driving with very few long trips. I want a five door, manual and...
I have a diesel Ford Focus. With all the controversy concerning diesels, is there a petrol hybrid estate you would recommend?
I drive a Volkswagen Golf currently but need to change. I drive under 5000 miles annually, mostly around town. I need space for grandchildren in car seats (aged seven and nine) and so prefer 4/5 doors....
What's the best used car under £1000?
What reasonably priced hybrid cars can tow up to 750kg?

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