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Top 10: Used convertibles for £3000 or less

If you fancy a bit of affordable, drop-top fun this summer, now is the time to hit the classifieds in search of a bargain convertible. With a budget of just £3000, you might be surprised at how many soft-tops are on the market...

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Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 is the default choice for bargain-hunting convertible buyers. And for good reason. As the UK’s best-selling sports car, the market is overloaded with MX-5s, meaning you can be picky.

£3000 buys a good example of the original model with its pop-up lights and retro feel, but they’re old cars and need to be maintained as a classic. We’d hunt out a well-loved (if, at this price, well-used) third-generation model. They’re pretty bulletproof, but we’d want evidence of regular servicing, and do look closely at bodywork. MX-5s love to rust.

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Ben Ash    on 2 June 2018

Come on Honest John. Don't fall for the 'you need to buy the face-lift version to get the tougher engine' line.
The piston rings were amended in cars built from November 2001, a full year before the face-lift was introduced. There are lots of under-valued 2002 MR2s out there because of this misleading information, spread by various 'a bloke I know said' comments online. If you don't believe me, check out the online Toyota parts catalogue.
And, yes, I've got a pre-face-lift 2002 model; better looking, lower riding and lighter than the face-lift, and it hasn't used a drop of oil in 18 months... I confess, I check the pre-cats occasionally because all the online gossip made me nervous, but they're fine too - the manifold in which they're located was updated in 2001 too.

Caroline Duncombe    on 4 June 2018

Why isnt the BMW Z3 included in your list - its a brilliant roadster and tons better than the Z4

Old Harry    on 4 June 2018

No place for a Saab 9-3?
A lot of car for the money, fits long-legged folk like me, but diesels can be troublesome

Tony Widdows    on 5 June 2018

No Mercedes SLK !
I bought a 2.3 Compressor and I am very pleased with it. Nippier than my previous 300SL but a bit short of baggage space.

Devon Dave    on 10 June 2018

Surely the MGTF is more deserving of a mention here than the oddball and unpopular Renault Wind!

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