Top 10: SUVs

SUVs have plenty of appeal, with rugged styling, a raised driving position and improved practicality. What's more, with the choice of four or two-wheel drive, you can have the big size without using too much fuel. Here we list your most popular 10.

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Skoda Kodiaq

Straight in as the most popular SUV on the site, the seven-seat Kodiaq has garnered plenty of interest with you, our readers. Why? The Skoda Kodiaq is everything a family car should be. Comfortable, spacious, affordable, well-equipped, practical and safe, it’s almost impossible to pick fault with.

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List Price from £26,629
Buy new from £21,053

Honda CR-V

Honda has ditched diesel power for this generation CR-V, instead offering a hybrid alongside the petrol. And it's one of the best hybrids we've driven. Economical, quiet and quick, it's one of our favourite SUVs regardless of engine choice. A hugely spacious and practical interior tops it off.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport may not be cheap, but that hasn't prevented it from proving hugely popular with the UK car buying public. There's a new model coming in 2020 which will offer a hybrid engine, but in the meantime there's the impressively smooth 2.0-litre petrol engine in the Si4 model alongside the diesel.

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List Price from £31,915
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The latest X3 is bigger than previously and comes with a new 2.0-litre petrol engine offered alongside the familiar diesel, plus a new performance flagship, the M40i – the first M Performance vehicle in the X3 line-up. The X3 is so capable it raises the question why you'd need the X5?

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List Price from £41,785
Buy new from £35,410

Volvo XC90

The XC90 makes a case for itself as the best big SUV on the market. And that's up against the BMW X5 and new Audi Q7. It feels a modern, upmarket and high quality car that's practical and good to drive too. The T8 with its PHEV system is the top model in the range.

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List Price from £54,340
Buy new from £52,175

Nissan X-Trail

With seven seats and a reasonable 2000kg braked towing weight, the X-Trail is capable of all sorts of family tasks including caravan holidays. Some might think it’s too similar to the Qashqai to spend the extra money on, while rivals including the Skoda Kodiaq are plusher and more upmarket - but it’s certainly worth a look.

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List Price from £25,690
Buy new from £20,049

Audi Q5

It may not be strikingly different to the previous model, but what Audi has done is improved every aspect of the original Q5. The ride quality is better, there's less engine and road noise on the move plus the interior is big step up in terms of design with a more upmarket feel.

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List Price from £42,950
Buy new from £35,564

Volvo XC60

Two Volvo models in this list shows just how popular the brand is at the moment, especially for SUVs. Comfort and refinement are the XC60's strong suit with its excellent ride quality backed-up by a luxurious and refined interior that is more than a match for anything from the competition

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Jaguar F-Pace

There's plenty to like about the F-Pace, not least its imposing styling and refined nature. The 20d is decent enough but doesn't really sparkle, however the Jaguar makes up for that with very keen handling and a comfortable ride. But what will attract most people is the value for money it offers along with low running costs. 

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List Price from £40,860
Buy new from £37,068

Lexus NX

The NX is incredibly refined, beautifully built and has a superb quality interior. It's also spacious with good room in the back and a decent boot. And as with all Lexus models, standard equipment levels are very high with top models coming with pretty much every conceivable bell and whistle.

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