Top 10: SUVs for Land Rover Defender money

The new Land Rover Defender has finally been revealed - and, predictably, it’s proving controversial.

While enthusiasts were never going to be entirely satisfied by its design, it’s the price tag which has caused most of us to baulk - initially priced from £45,240, with top-spec versions costing close to £80,000.

Fortunately, for that kind of money, there’s plenty of SUVs on the market. They might not be as iconic as the Defender, but you can bet most will be a smidgen more luxurious. They'll probably have shorter waiting lists, too...


Toyota Land Cruiser

Somebody somewhere once said: “If you want to go into the Outback, take a Land Rover. If you want to come back, take a Land Cruiser.” The Toyota Land Cruiser might not be the plushest SUV on sale, but it’s an excellent tow car, capable off road and feels like it could last forever. Prices start at £34,745.

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List Price from £35,615
Buy new from £32,999
Contract hire from £390.14 per month

Porsche Macan

The Defender is unstoppable off-road but the Macan is unstoppable on it. It’s arguably the best handling SUV on sale, while even the entry-level model is fun to drive, has a premium interior and looks the part. It costs from £46,910, meaning it’s marginally pricier than the cheapest Defender currently on sale.

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Contract hire from £556.45 per month

Suzuki Jimny

If you’re looking for a boxy, capable off-roader, you could do a lot worse than buying a Jimny. OK, its road manners leave a lot to be desired, and it could probably fit in the boot of the Defender, but it starts at £15,999. You could buy three for the price of a Defender.

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List Price from £16,734
Contract hire from £202.91 per month

Mercedes-Benz X-Class

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a pick-up rather than an SUV, but it is the most upmarket pick-up money can buy. It tops out at £47,412 for the ultra-desirable X350d, with its 258PS 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine. That looks like good value alongside the Defender.

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Jeep Wrangler

America’s answer to the Defender (or is it the other way around?), the Wrangler is the obvious answer if the new Land Rover doesn’t float your boat. Prices start at £44,955 for a three-door model.

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List Price from £40,490
Buy new from £34,802
Contract hire from £408.71 per month

Porsche Cayenne Coupe

We’ve already got one Porsche here, and entry-level Defender money isn’t going to get you a Cayenne. But the price of a top-spec Defender X will get you a Cayenne Coupe Carrera S, with enough left in the budget for a few choice options. It’s got an extra 40PS over the Defender, meaning it’ll reach 62mph around a second quicker.

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Contract hire from £765.01 per month

Range Rover Velar

Once upon a time, it’d have seemed laughable that the cheapest Defender could be pricier than Range Rover models. We’re big fans of the new Range Rover Evoque and Defender money will get you a high-spec model. Alternatively, the trendy Velar has a £45,260 start price.

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List Price from £45,275
Buy new from £41,170
Contract hire from £413.28 per month

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Land Rover enthusiasts will scoff at the idea of buying a Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe over a Defender, but it’s a stylish SUV with a superb interior. It’s recently been updated, with prices starting at £44,125 - that’s about the same as the cheapest Defender 110.

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List Price from £40,305
Buy new from £32,274
Contract hire from £330.49 per month

Audi Q8

We reckon the Audi Q8 is one of the most desirable SUVs on the market, and a £67,010 start price puts it bang into high-spec Defender territory. Even the flagship SQ8 starts at £81,740, making it only marginally more expensive than the desirable Defender X.

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List Price from £66,200
Buy new from £57,572
Contract hire from £597.78 per month

Jaguar I-Pace

The I-Pace might be from the same parent company as the Defender, but it’s a very different vehicle. It’s an electric SUV, with two electric motors producing a combined 400PS and good for a range of 292 miles. We reckon it could make for quite a cool two-car garage alongside the Defender...

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List Price from £64,495
Buy new from £59,741
Contract hire from £550.94 per month