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Jeep Wrangler (2018–)

Last updated 16 October 2018

Looks like it means business. Easier to live with than before. Excellent off road.
Poor fuel economy. Unsophisticated on road.
Updated 11 October 2018
Wrangler prices announced

Starts at £44,495 OTR for the Sahara 2.2 MultiJet II 200hp 4x4 Automatic 8-Speed 2-Door version. Sahara 2.2 MultiJet II 200hp 4x4 Automatic 8-Speed 2-Door £44,495...

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You need to brace yourself a bit for the Wrangler. This is not the sophisticated, luxury sports-SUV you can get from Audi, BMW and Volvo.

The truth is that this is barely a rival to the Q5s and X3s of the world - it’s an entirely different animal - which is exactly what the average Wrangler buyer is after. A proper, hardcore, adventurous off-roader. Anyone familiar with this legendary 4x4 and its military roots will expect nothing less.  

It’s wicked fun too, despite being hilariously cumbersome on road. The gritty, unashamedly utilitarian nature of it is precisely where its appeal lies.

From an interior that you can hose down to a driving style that feels like a caricature of a modern SUV, to off-road ability that only a Mercedes G-Class (which is almost twice the price of the Jeep) can compete with. You want military-grade, mountain-conquering off-road skills and a brilliantly characterful car, the Jeep is what you want.

Engine options are limited to a 200PS 2.2-litre diesel and a 272PS turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol, both mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox, complete with switchable four-wheel drive and a low-ratio gearbox for getting lost – but probably not stuck - in the wilderness. A plug-in hybrid is expected to go on sale in 2020.

It’s tricky to recommend exactly which variety of Wrangler you should go for before the UK prices and specification are confirmed, but suffice to say that the diesel is going to be uneconomical enough, with a claimed combined fuel economy figure of 31.8mpg (NEDC), so avoid the petrol if you’re concerned about fuel costs. 

Looks-wise, the Wrangler has stuck firmly to its roots and is unmistakable as anything but a Wrangler, from the popped-out wheelarches to the owlish headlights, boxy silhouette and removable roof. Even the doors can be taken off and the windscreen folded down, for the full GI Joe look.

If you are considering the Wrangler, be aware that it differs drastically depending on whether you go for the impractical but achingly cool-looking three-door short-wheelbase, to the moderately roomy, long-wheelbase five-door.

And that’s before you’ve picked whether you want one of the more road-oriented versions, or the hardcore off-road Rubicon, which is easy to differentiate by its black plastic wheelarches and even more heroically masculine visual impact.

List Price from £45,240
Buy new from £38,675
Contract hire from £514.79 per month

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