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Top 10: Crossovers

It seems that everyone wants a crossover now. It's easy to see why. They blend the versatility of an estate with the more substantial looks of an SUV but without the overly large dimensions. So here’s the pick of the bunch as decided by you.

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SEAT Ateca

The world is not short of crossovers - indeed they're the most popular type of car on HonestJohn.co.uk - so it's even more impressive that the new Ateca, SEAT's first crossover, is proving so popular on the site. It uses the same base as the latest Volkswagen Tiguan but represents a lot more car for the money with lower prices yet still good levels of standard equipment. That said, you're still looking at the best part of £23k for a decent model.

Easy to drive and quiet on the move, the Ateca ticks all the right boxes as family transport helped by a big and user-friendly boot, rear seats with lots of leg room plus wide opening doors.

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TTToommy    on 1 February 2017

As someone who'se had a crossover for almost 15 years I have to admit the advantage of great view you used to have past and over other cars is gone as every other car seems to be the same height as me these days - you can still look in to the fields I guess when in a traffic jam

kabrero    on 21 April 2017

i m confused! on car-by-car review; suzuki vitara has 5/5 points and at 2nd place, ateca has 4/5 points and 1st?..

also honda hrv has 5/5 points and found itself at 5th place.

Edited by kabrero on 21/04/2017 at 10:47

HJ Editor    on 21 April 2017

This is ranked on how popular the reviews are on the site. So the more views a car review gets with our readers, the higher it ranks.

Jim Ryan    on 2 May 2017

Top 10: Crossovers

What is number 10?

norman sands    on 15 May 2017

could you just publish the results "honestly" from first to last without involving the number of messages please

Chris C    on 7 December 2017

Toyota often gets associated with dull designs but that's not really fair - as a group they have some seriously weird products in their home market but they are not sold in Europe because I guess they feel we are too conservative in taste.....

Lawlessbreed    on 19 January 2018

Bad timing. Skoda have just produced the best small one

Melissa mason    on 2 March 2018

looking for a decent SUV from around 2013.. have a Nissan Micra 2007 and £2,000.00 to trade in.. lookin g to do the rest on finance over 5 years.. Can't pay more than £150.00 a month..

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