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Top 10: Best SUVs for under £30k

Thanks to their all round ability, SUVs have become the car of choice for many families and there is plenty of choice out there. If you're after an SUV for up to £30,000 then check out our top 10 list.

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Honda CR-V

Honda focussed on refinement and quality for the latest CR-V and it really shows. It has a very upmarket feel inside with little noise on the move and a superb ride. It may not quite handle as well as the old model but few SUVs can match the Honda for comfort helped by superb seats.

The CR-V looks good value too with £30k getting you a high-spec SR model with the impressive 1.6 i-DTEC engine, albeit with two-wheel drive. A 4WD model will cost you more.

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Charlie Reading    on 20 September 2016

I looked at the auto diesel model, problem Ford have is you can get a Jaguar F Pace for the same money, think they will have a problem with the cost of their Edge

DavidSharples    on 20 November 2016

On the internet, 3 independent reviews show the Honda Diesel with a claimed 54 MPG. In reality is at about the 37 MPG mark and about 32 MPG around the town. Is it worth the money?

Even on the demonstrator cars and second hand cars (For the same model etc) there is a difference in price of approximately £4000 or more between the Honda CRV petrol 2.0 liter car and the CRV 1.6 liter diesel.

For the petrol owner this £4000 equates to 800 gallons of petrol ( say at £5 per gallon.)
If the petrol car averages 30 miles per gallon, this equates to 800 gallons X 30 miles per gallon = 24,000 miles.

Lets say that the petrol engine averages 30 miles per gallon and the diesel engine averages 40 miles per gallon. The difference is 10 miles per gallon.

So to be “Even” the petrol engined owner has to give 10 miles for every gallon that the diesel engined owner buys.

Now the petrol engined owner has 24,000 miles to start with owing to the £4000 discrepancy in car prices.

If he has to “Give” 10 miles for every gallon of diesel bought then he can give 10 miles for 2,400 times, before he runs out and ends his £4000 advantage which is 24,000 miles.

This also means that the diesel engined owner has bought 2,400 gallons of diesel before the petrol engine owner and the diesel engined owner are the same.

This 2,400 gallons of diesel at 40 miles per gallon equates to 96,000 miles which has to be driven by the diesel engined owner before his better engine efficiency becomes financially equal to the petrol engined owner.

Same scenario can be worked out using different MPG's if you wish.

If you are towing or drive over 17000 miles per year then choose Diesel.

The petrol 2.0 liter auto using "S" drive and the paddle levers gives plenty of quick overtaking power if required on the motorway etc.

Inference drawn: Not a dull ride at all and 4 grand cheaper (Minimum) than an equivalent Diesel.

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