New cars 2024: What's coming and when?

Your guide to all of the new cars coming soon. From hatchbacks to SUVs - here are all the models due in 2024 and 2025.

Buying a new car? Before you step into a new car showroom, read our expansive guide to all the new cars that are coming in the next 12 months and beyond. There are some exciting new cars due in 2024 and some look well worth the wait.

So if you’re in the market for one of the best family cars, best SUVs or best electric cars in 2024 then hold your horses and read our expert guide to the best new cars coming in 2024, 2025 and even further beyond.

New Cars 2024

Audi A6 e-tron

Type: electric car | On sale: autumn 2024 | Starting price: from £55,000 (est)

The Audi A6 e-tron electric saloon will sell in parallel with conventional petrol and diesel models of the current A6. However, it will have a sleeker design and a roomier interior packed with infotainment screens. An 800V electrical system means fast charging – up to 185 miles in 10 minutes – while front and rear motors produce a combined 476PS.


Audi Q6 e-tron

Type: electric SUV | On sale: summer 2024 | Starting price: from £55,000

The new Audi Q6 e-tron is a premium electric SUV alternative to the new Audi A6 e-tron. Rivals will include the BMW iX3, the popular Tesla Model Y and the Mercedes-Benz EQC. It shares a platform with the upcoming new Porsche Macan Electric, too. It will have a sophisticated interior with an all-new infotainment system, which includes an additional display for passengers. Performance should be swift and a large 100kWh battery should give a range of around 370 miles. There will be a sporty Audi SQ6 e-tron version, too.


BMW X2 and iX2

Type: family SUV | On sale: now | Starting price: from £39,365

The new BMW X2 has been reborn as a much more stylish sister car to the BMW X1 – and, for the first time, there’s an electric version of the sporty SUV, called BMW iX2. This has a 266-mile range and performance on a par with the petrol-powered new BMW X2 M35i xDrive, while the new BMW X2 sDrive20i opens the range with a sub-£40k price tag. Inside, there’s the latest BMW infotainment tech, while a more spacious cabin should see it offer a stronger challenge to rivals such as the Audi Q3 Sportback and Audi Q4 e-tron.


Citroen e-C3

Type: small electric car | On sale: autumn 2024 | Starting price: under £23,000

The new Citroen e-C3 is a very exciting new small electric car that promises to shake up the UK market. Why? Because it’s going to be extremely affordable – bosses speak of a starting price from under £23,000. This won’t be a stripped-out, short-range electric car, either. We can expect a range of 199 miles, and standard kit including LED headlights and air con. An SUV-look five-door small car, the pretty new Citroen e-C3 will be practical as well, and certainly set to provide a stern challenge to the much more expensive Vauxhall Corsa Electric and Peugeot e-208.


Dacia Spring

Type: small electric car | On sale: winter 2024 | Starting price: under £20,000

The launch of the new Dacia Spring sees the value brand’s ultra-affordable EV finally on sale in the UK. We’re anticipating prices from under £20,000 for the five-door, four-seat city car, which provides an EV alternative to the Toyota Aygo X – and could make it Britain’s cheapest electric car. The 26.8kWh battery will give a range of 143 miles, while equipment levels will be decent – every version will get air con and all but base cars will have touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Dacia Duster

Type: family SUV | On sale: summer 2024 | Starting price: around £20,000

The new Dacia Duster is a modern and much more rugged-looking all-new version of a well-loved family SUV. More assertive on the outside and more spacious within, it also enjoys a big lift in interior style and appeal – which will only serve to further underline the popularity of Dacia’s bargain SUV. The engine line-up will include the first ever Duster hybrid, while infotainment tech will be more sophisticated too. There’s even an optional Arkamys premium sound system. Prices, however, will remain affordable, and we expect the range to start from around £20,000.


Fiat 600

Type: small SUV | On sale: spring 2024 | Starting price: from £37,000 (est)

The Fiat 600 is a replacement to the now discontinued Fiat 500X and Fiat 500L, while it also revives a classic name for the brand last used in the 1960s. It's expected to use the same underpinnings as the Jeep Avenger, making it an electric-only small SUV when it arrives in the UK early next year. 


Ford Explorer

Type: electric SUV | On sale: summer 2024 | Starting price: £45,000

The new Ford Explorer was due to go on sale in 2023, but last-minute updates saw it delayed to summer 2024. Ford’s electric car rival to the Tesla Model Y, the Explorer is based on the Volkswagen ID.4, but everything you can see both outside and in is bespoke. The blue oval says it blends “German engineering and American style,” and the modern styling should certainly turn heads. It has a distinctive, ultra-large portrait-format touchscreen inside, which the kids will love. There are plenty of clever practicality touches as well. Expect a range of more than 300 miles in top-spec versions and a starting price from around £45,000.


Ford Mustang

Type: Sports car | On sale: summer 2024 | Starting price: from £50,000 (est)

Ford is launching the all-new Ford Mustang in 2024. And pony purists will be pleased to hear it's retaining its famous 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine. Expect the new Ford Mustang to be loud, powerful and expensive. Prices are expected to start north of £50,000 when the new Ford Mustang arrives in late-2024.


Ford Tourneo Courier

Type: MPV | On sale: spring 2024 | Starting price: £25,865

The new Ford Tourneo Courier is an SUV-looking people carrier MPV which will eventually become Ford’s new entry-level model. As well as coming with a 125PS petrol engine, there will also be a pure electric version, called the new Ford E-Tourneo Courier.


Hyundai Santa Fe

Type: large SUV | On sale: summer 2024 | Starting price: from £50,000

The new Hyundai Santa Fe is a real design statement. It’s angular, distinctive and could prove to be a surprise new challenger to that other popular seven-seat large SUV, the Land Rover Discovery. Available in both hybrid and plug-in hybrid guise, the new Hyundai Santa Fe has been designed from the outside in, with the designers promising huge amounts of interior space and comfort. There’ll be lots of features too, both infotainment tech and more comfort-oriented gadgets. Prices are likely to start from upwards of £50,000.


Lexus LM

Type: luxury MPV | On sale: now | Starting price: £89,995

The new Lexus LM proves the luxury MPV is alive and well. An ultra-posh seven-seat ‘luxury people mover’, it seats up to seven, but is better off in lavish four-seat guise – where the two people in the back get indulgent aircraft-style seats that recline fully horizontally, plus a massive 48-inch HD widescreen monitor mounted on the partition between front and rear. It’s brilliantly exotic. The powertrain is Lexus’ familiar 2.5-litre hybrid setup and you can get a version with all-wheel drive too.


Mercedes-Benz CLE

Type: coupe | On sale: spring 2024 | Starting price: £54,355

The new Mercedes-Benz CLE coupe replaces both the Mercedes C-Class Coupe and Mercedes E-Class Coupe. It’s more E-Class-sized than C-Class and prices reflect this by starting from £54k. Coupe buyers will get a very elegant-looking machine though, one with a roomy four-set interior and plenty of kit. The entry-level engine is a 2.0-litre turbo petrol, with both a 3.0-litre straight-six and a 2.0-litre diesel also offered. Plug-in hybrid versions of the firms’ BMW 4 Series and Audi A5 rival follow later.


MINI Cooper Electric

Type: small electric car | On sale: spring 2024 | Starting price: from £30,000

The next-generation MINI Cooper Electric is set for launch in 2024, with new minimalist styling and a much-improved electric range. Initially built in China, it will also be produced in the UK from 2026, adding to its British credentials. There will be two versions. The £30k MINI Cooper E with 184PS and a 40.7kWh battery giving a range of 190 miles. The £34,500 MINI Cooper SE has 218PS along with a bigger 54.2kWh battery that gives a range of 250 miles. All models have a simpler, cleaner interior, with the centrepiece being a pioneering round OLED touchscreen display. There should be a little more space inside, too.


MINI Countryman

Type: small SUV | On sale: February 2024 | Starting price: £29,355

The third generation new MINI Countryman is bigger than ever, measuring 130mm longer than the outgoing car and sitting even higher off the ground. It’s becoming a genuine family-friendly small SUV, one to rival models such as the Ford Puma and Volkswagen T-Cross, as well as the Lexus LBX and Audi Q2. It will be offered in both petrol and electric guise, with EV versions using a large 64.7kWh battery for a range of up to 287 miles. The roomy interior will feel higher quality than today’s car and it will also use the same innovative OLED round display also coming to the new MINI Cooper Electric.


MINI Aceman

Type: small SUV | On sale: late 2024 | Starting price: £35,000

The all-new MINI Aceman effectively replaces the MINI Clubman estate. It is a compact crossover-style SUV that slots into the gap between the smaller MINI Cooper Electric and larger MINI Countryman. It will be the world’s first MINI to only be sold as an EV, with two battery sizes and a range of up to 250 miles. The fashion-first interior uses the same tech as other new MINIs, and customisation options are expected to be extensive. Expect prices to start from upwards of £35,000 for MINI’s new Jeep Avenger and Volvo EX30 challenger.


Peugeot e-3008

Type: family SUV | On sale: spring 2024 | Starting price: £34,650

The new Peugeot 3008 family SUV will also be available as an electric new Peugeot e-3008. This means the line-up should have something for everyone. Petrol buyers have an ultra-efficient Hybrid 136 engine, with standard DCT automatic gearbox, while electric buyers enjoy a 210PS machine with a generous 73kWh battery. This gives an electric range of 326 miles. The new Peugeot 3008 family SUV takes another pronounced step upmarket, while it’s now more practical inside. Hybrid petrol prices start from £34,650, while the Peugeot e-3008 EV costs from £45,850.


Polestar 3

Type: electric SUV | On sale: late 2023 | Starting price: from £79,900 

Tesla rival Polestar is expanding its line-up in 2023 with an all-new electric SUV. The new Polestar 3 promises to match sports car performance with luxury SUV comfort, which probably explains why its starting price is just £100 shy of £80,000. Exterior styling is aggressive yet sleek, while the 111kWh battery promises a range of up to 379 miles on a single charge.  


Porsche Macan

Type: electric SUV | On sale: now | Starting price: £69,800

The new Porsche Macan sees the sporting firm's popular SUV go all-electric for the first time. From launch, there will be two versions, the 408PS Macan 4 and 639PS Macan Turbo (yes, Porsche is still using 'turbo' even on cars without an actual turbo). A 100kWh battery gives a range of up to 380 miles with even the Macan Turbo, which does 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds, capable of 367 miles between plug-ins. An 800-volt architecture will deliver lighting-fast recharges, too. And if you don't like the idea of electric just yet, fear not. The old petrol-powered Porsche Macan will remain on sale for at least the next year. 

Porsche Panamera

Type: luxury saloon | On sale: now | Starting price: £79,500

The new Porsche Panamera is on sale now with prices from £79,500. A powerful petrol alternative to the Porsche Taycan, the new Porsche Panamera range includes an E-Performance plug-in hybrid with more power and range. It can travel up to 56 miles in pure electric guise. On the outside, the new Porsche Panamera has tauter lines and the interior packs in more digital tech. This should see it become an even more formidable challenger to the BMW 8 Series and Audi A7 Sportback.


Range Rover Electric

Type: luxury SUV | On sale: late 2024 | Starting price: £125,000

The new Range Rover Electric is the first-ever electric version of the world-famous luxury SUV. It’s open for pre-orders now, and is expected to be fully released later in 2024. It won’t be cheap, with a starting price upwards of £125,000 likely – but it will be extremely luxurious, with brilliant refinement and performance to match a Range Rover V8. Visually, it will look almost identical to other new Range Rovers, which is no bad thing and the interior will be similarly palatial. An indulgent way to go green.


Renault 5

Type: electric small car | On sale: 2024 | Starting price: £25,000

The new Renault 5 is a headline-grabbing retro revival for the famous small car – which is reborn as an electric car. It will make its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in February and will go on sale in the UK later in 2024. Boasting a likely electric range of around 250 miles, the new Renault 5 effectively replaces the Renault Zoe and is sure to be a hit thanks to its retro looks. It will be a five-door small car with a practical interior plus it will hopefully be fun to drive – just like the original Renault 5 was back in the 1970s and 1980s.


Renault Twingo

Type: electric city car | On sale: 2026 | Starting price: from £17,000

The new Renault Twingo sees the famous budget city car return as a fully electric five-door. It’s a little way off, with a planned launch in 2026, but the wait should be worth it – Renault is speaking of prices from £17,000. This will be exceptional value for an electric car, particularly one with a likely range of over 150 miles. The retro styling will probably be a similarly big draw though.


Renault Scenic

Type: electric family MPV | On sale: now | Starting price: £40,995

The new Renault Scenic marks a return for the family MPV in the firm’s line-up. An ultra-practical alternative to the Renault Austral SUV, the new Renault Scenic will only be sold as an electric car. Its size, practicality and stylish appearance make it a surprise new alternative to the Tesla Model Y – particularly as prices, which start from £40,995, easily undercut the Tesla. It’s not short on range either, with a beefy battery giving a 379-mile range. Add in a cleverly-designed interior and the latest in Google-based infotainment tech, for a Renault electric car that could cause a stir when it arrives later in 2024.  


Renault Rafale

Type: coupe SUV | On sale: spring 2024 | Starting price: around £40,000

The new Renault Rafale is an upmarket coupe SUV range-topper for the French firm. Derived from the Renault Austral, the new Renault Rafale has a rakish rear end and suitably upmarket trim both outside and in. Instead of going full electric, the engine line-up will be all-hybrid and include an exciting 300PS 4x4 performance version. Renault hopes the Rafale will provide a stern challenge to the new Peugeot 408, as well as taking on the BMW X4 and Audi Q5 Sportback.


Skoda Superb

Type: large family car | On sale: early 2024 | Starting price: around £35,000

The new Skoda Superb is the latest version of the firm’s popular range-topping family car. Offered both as a hatch and an estate, it’s hard to believe any more space could be found – but, yes, the new Skoda Superb is even more cavernous than the current car. The hatch has a massive 645-litre boot with the seats up, while the estate is even larger, growing 30 litres on today’s car to a huge 690 litres. Choose from petrol, diesel, mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines, all of which now come with a DSG automatic gearbox. While long-distance drivers will be pleased to see diesel is still offered, the plug-in hybrid could be an interesting new tax-saving choice: the electric range has been extended to more than 62 miles, and it can now use 50kW DC rapid chargers.


Skoda Kodiaq

Type: large family SUV | On sale: early 2024 | Starting price: Around £35,000

The new Skoda Kodiaq is the second-generation version of the firm’s well-liked large seven-seat family SUV. Building on the success of the original, it has more executive-style looks and an even more appealing interior. The centrepiece is a high-tech 12.9-inch touchscreen and Skoda’s new ‘Smart Dials’ also feature. Choose from petrol, diesel and long-range plug-in hybrid engines, all with the power to make light work of a fully-laden new Skoda Kodiaq. As for space, expect an abundance – it’s even larger than the outgoing car and even more practical as a result.


Suzuki Swift

Type: small car | On sale: spring 2024 | Starting price: from £18,000

The new Suzuki Swift is a surprise new small car coming in 2024. While some brands are departing the small car market – goodbye, Ford Fiesta, for example – Suzuki has committed to it with the new Suzuki Swift, which is a more modern take on the outside and packs in more features within. The value-priced small car will remain accessible, thanks to Suzuki sticking with mild hybrid engine tech, rather than going full electric car. The improved touchscreen tech inside will also help boost showroom appeal.  


Tesla Model 3

Type: electric car | On sale: now | Starting price: £39,990

The new Tesla Model 3 is a thoroughly redesigned version of the firm’s top-selling electric saloon. It’s been refreshed to take on an ever-growing array of challengers including the BMW i4 and Polestar 2, both of which showed up some of the outgoing Tesla Model 3’s rough edges. This updated one aims to be smoother, better to drive and easier to live with – and, thanks to prices that start from just £39,990, even more surprisingly affordable, too. Deliveries are set to begin soon and we look forward to getting behind the wheel to see how Tesla has improved the Model 3 for 2024.


Tesla Cybertruck

Type: electric pickup | On sale: 2026? | Starting price: from £65,000

The new Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most radical new cars ever launched. Looking like nothing else on the road, it is basically the dream of boss Elon Musk becoming reality. Fully electric and boasting a range of up to 340 miles, it’s also improbably fast, with enough performance to out-accelerate a Porsche 911… while towing a Porsche 911. Trouble is, while its unique stainless steel construction and hard-edged design is bold, it might be too much so for Europe – it’s not clear whether it will pass legislation to be sold over here. Even if it is, demand in the US means it wouldn’t arrive much before 2026.


Toyota Land Cruiser

Type: large 4x4 | On sale: first half of 2024 | Starting price: from £50,000

The Toyota Land Cruiser is all-new for 2024 – and has a radical redesign that brilliantly builds on this famous 4x4’s roots. Toyota wants to take the fight to the Land Rover Defender, so has rediscovered the Land Cruiser’s roots and celebrated them both outside and in. It’s not style over substance though, with an arsenal of off-road tech ensuring this will remain one of the best in the business when the going gets tough. It will start off with a 2.8-litre diesel engine, but a hybrid version is expected later.


Volkswagen ID.2

Type: electric city car | On sale: mid 2025 | Starting price: from £20,000 (est) 

Okay, so the Volkswagen ID.2 is so far in the future you'll need binoculars to see it, but it does give you an idea of exactly what the next five years has in store for us. The VW's a small electric SUV with space for a young family and a target price of less than £20,000. Why so affordable? Tiny batteries. The ID.2's 30kWh battery is good for no more than 120 miles.


Volkswagen ID.GTI

Type: electric hot hatch | On sale: 2026 | Starting price: £30,000

The Volkswagen ID.GTI Concept is our first indicaton of how a future new electric hot hatch may look. Wearing a full GTI makeover, with a sporty chassis and punchy performance, bosses have confirmed the new Volkswagen ID.2-based car will definitely make it into production. It’s likely to go on sale in 2026 – and could be tantalisingly priced from less than £30,000. Will the new Volkswagen ID.GTI Concept be a genuine electric car successor to the famous Volkswagen Golf GTI? We look forward to finding out.


Volkswagen Golf

Type: family car | On sale: summer 2024 | Starting price: from £28,000

The new Volkswagen Golf aims to rectify the wrongs of the current model. There wasn't anything wrong with the styling, which is why that's largely unchanged. The engine line-up is almost identical too. The two big changes are to infotainment and the EV range of the plug-in hybrid. On infotainment, an all-new system is introduced, with faster harder, bigger and better free-standing screens, and software that's much easier and more logical to use. It's a huge improvement - and Volkswagen has even now illuminated the slider controls at the bottom of the screen (we like the proper physical steering wheel buttons too). On the engine front, the eHybrid plug-in hybrid battery is now almost twice the size, and this gives a pure electric range of more than 60 miles. Expected to cost upwards of £28,000, the new Volkswagen Golf arrives in the first half of the year, with more details announced in the spring. 

Volkswagen Passat

Type: large family car | On sale: spring 2024 | Starting price: from £37,000

The new Volkswagen Passat sees VW’s long-running large car continue for a new model generation. It’s now going to be offered only in estate car guise, with the engine range including petrol, diesel and long-range plug-in hybrid variants. A sleek appearance on the outside is combined with a more tech-savvy interior, complete with a central touchscreen display that measures up to 15.0 inches. It will, we’re pleased to report, have backlit heater slider controls, too. As well as being more upmarket, the new Volkswagen Passat is even larger inside too, with the boot measuring 690 litres with the seats up, expanding to 1920 litres with them folded.


Volkswagen Tiguan 

Type: family SUV | On sale: spring 2024 | Starting price: from £34,060

The new 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan is a big car for VW. The current Tiguan is the company's best-selling car globally, so the new car better deliver the goods. Compared to the angular outgoing model, the new Volkswagen Tiguan has a smoother, more curvaceous apperance – and sporty R-Line variants will have a bespoke styling kit. Inside, the new Tiguan will benefit from a sophisticated new interior and infotainment system. It's expected to be even more space-efficient too. There's no electric version expected, but there will be a wide range of petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid engines – the latter with an electric range of more than 60 miles.  


Volvo EX30

Type: electric SUV | On sale: early 2024 | Starting price: from £33,795

The Volvo EX30 is positioned below the existing Volvo XC40 Recharge, and sees the brand targeting a younger audience than it has in the past. Sporting a clean, minimalist design, the Volvo EX30 will have a range of up to 298 miles and a 0-62mph time of just 3.6 seconds. New Volvo EX30 prices start from £33,795, while it will also be offered via Volvo's monthly subscription package, with prices starting from £579 a month.