CONVERTIBLE HOODS: What are the best products for reconditioning a canvas hood?


I reckon Renovo, which offers a range of products for reconditioning and re-proofing soft-tops. These include a new-formula Ultra Proofer at £11.95 for 500ml or £19.95 for a litre, a Soft Top Dry Cleaner at £11.95 for 300ml (canvas or mohair hoods only), and a Plastic Window Polish at £4.99 for 30ml (tel: 01444 443277 or visit: www.renovointernational.com).

For removing mould and moss from soft tops, readers recommend a product called 'Wet & Forget', followed by Renovo treatments.

Autocar magazine's favourite is Autoglym's Cabriolet Hood Cleaner and Protector Kit, which comes as two 500ml spray bottles for £19.95 and an abrasive sponge (tel: 01462 677766 if not stocked by your local accessory shop).

Halfords also sells its own brand Soft Top Renovation Kit, which consists of 500ml of cleaner, 400ml of Fabric Guard, a small brush and a sponge for £15.99 (neither is suitable for mohair cloth hoods). Halfords also sells an own-brand plastic window cleaning cream and a soft top repair cit at £29.99 www.halfords.com, and available at all branches of Halfords.

Hot Hoods, tel: 07957 273270 www.hothoods.co.uk does cheap replacement hoods.

# Convertible hood maintenance products: www.renovointernational.com
# Convertible hood plastic rear window restorer: www.hindsight.uk.com
# Convertible hood repairs: (Includes replacing opaque or damaged plastic windows.) www.softops.co.uk
# Convertible hoods advice site: www.ConvertibleCar.com
# Convertible replacement hoods: www.autohoods.co.uk; carhoodsdirect.co.uk


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