Top 10: Best seven seaters

If you need a seven-seater, you're no longer confined to big unwieldy people carriers. Now you can have a bit of style and quality too. In fact, there are lots of good cars to choose from. So here's our pick of the best seven-seaters on the market.

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Land Rover Discovery

Yes, we realise the new Discovery is hardly cheap at £50k for a fairly standard model, but when it comes to having seven seats, nothing around is as good as this. Even if it does have a rear number plate on one side for no real reason...

The plush Land Rover has loads of space throughout but the rear seats are excellent - even for those over six-feet plus all the rear seats fold down electrically. When it comes to comfort, quality and practicality, this is head and shoulders above the rest.

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Lindsay Plaiter    on 11 August 2017

I waited with abated breath for the launch of this vehicle. Having driven Skoda Superb's for years but also run traditions seven seater's (Galaxy's, 807's) I thought to myself why don't Skoda make a seven seater they will take that market by storm.

They launched the Kodiaq, I rubbed my hands with glee, I went for a viewing in the showroom. OMG.
what a disappointment. Not with the build quality, not with the prices. No Skoda have missed the point completely with their SEVEN seater. Now if they wanted to make a 4/5 seater with even more load lugging capacity with modern good looks and the occasions two kids in the back car then they've nailed it.

When the sale rep approached he directed me to the drivers seat, "no not there" I said, He showed me the engine bay, "No not there either mate". I said its a seven seater isn't it? Yes said the rep, "well show me the seven seater the rear ones then please.

That's when the fun or more the disappointment started. Tucked up in the boot space were a couple of Vafira style fold flat little seats fit for, well little people. Great I said, "how do you get into them"? what a faff. squeezing in past the middle row. Fiddling with a fold down mechanism.

I am 6' 1" and over 60 so not in the first flush of youth. My mobility is OK though. So I says, "lets see if I can get in". Nope didn't happen. Shall I climb in through the boot I though, no don't do that, that's just silly.

So, I explained to the salesman. "Sorry pal, not buying one of these ever". WHY!.

"I want a seven seater that sits seven people of adult size. In comfort. With ease of access to the rear seats. That's flexible in its seating arrangements". I want to be able to take those seven people on long journeys knowing they will be comfortable. lots of leg room, arm rests, proper seats. I want if need be to be able to load lots of luggage or things by having no seats at all (except for the front two obviously)

The salesman said, where are you going to find one like that! I pointed to my old 164K miles Merc Ambiente parted outside and said, "THERE, bye". Dissapointed I was!

Look like I am going to be sticking to the old seven seater based on a van principle, because it works.

Having said that, nobody has mentioned the also excellent Chrysler Grand Voyager. even the older ones with stow n go seats. Safety Ncap tests aside, they are excellent seven (adult) people carriers.

   on 2 August 2018

the citroen grand picassa is very accessible in the 3rd row of seats but mine was towed into the garage 80 days ago under warranty - and citroen are still scratching their heads. A great car spoiled by the worst customer service imaginable

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