Top 10: Cheapest diesel cars on sale

Diesel might be getting bad press, but the fact is, they're still the best choice for high mileage drivers. Typically diesel models are more expensive to buy than their petrol relations, but if you're covering big distances every year, they will be cheaper to run. Here we look at the top ten cheapest diesel cars you can buy in the UK today.


Dacia Duster Essential Blue dCi 110 4x2 £13,695

Like its fellow Dacia models, the Duster is a lot of car for not a lot of money. It’s only front-wheel drive in its least expensive diesel form here, but if you need the security of four-wheel drive you can add it for £1145, that pushing it up to £14,840. 

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Contract hire from £166.10 per month

Nissan Micra Visia dCi 90 £15,300

Boldly styled inside and out, the latest Micra is the antithesis of its predecessor. For around £15k you can get a base Visia model with the 1.5-litre 90PS four-cylinder diesel.  As standard it comes in Ivory paint, solid white is £250 more. You’ll need Visia+ if you want air conditioning though, it also adds start stop to make that diesel fuel go that little bit further…   

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List Price from £12,875
Buy new from £12,903
Contract hire from £151.07 per month

Ford Fiesta Style 1.5 TDCi 3dr £15,815

The Ford Fiesta proves that you don't need to miss out on enjoyment by opting for an affordable diesel. It steers beautifully and handles well too, even if you’re not at all bothered by such things you’ll find driving it a real pleasure. Specification-wise it comes with all the basics, so there’s air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, tyre pressure monitoring and more.

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List Price from £15,645
Buy new from £13,401
Contract hire from £130.67 per month

Fiat Tipo Easy 1.3 Multijet £15,990

With Fiat being a small car specialist, you might be surprised that its most inexpensive diesel offering is the Tipo. Built as a value vehicle, the Tipo majors on space and equipment, sadly at the expense of style, flair and any sort of driver appeal. This is very much a head rather than heart purchase.

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List Price from £14,900
Buy new from £12,325
Contract hire from £154.82 per month

Alfa Romeo Mito 1.3 JTDM-2 95 £16,105

The Alfa Romeo Mito hasn't changed much since it was launched in 2008, and even then it wasn't the most polished hatchback on the market. It does, however, stand out from the crowd - and its 95PS 1.3-litre diesel returns an impressive 59.7mpg on average, according to our Real MPG figures.

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Ford Tourneo Courier 1.5 TDCi £16,125

If you want a heap of practicality combined with affordable running costs and don't care too much about how a car looks or what it drive likes, consider a van-based MPV like the Ford Tourneo Courier. It's a five-seater with an enormous amount of room inside - perfect if you need to drop the seats occasionally and carry big loads.

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Contract hire from £142.67 per month

Fiat Qubo 1.3 MultiJet 80 Lounge £16,195

Like the Ford Tourneo Courier, the van-based Fiat Qubo is one of the most versatile cars you can buy for this kind of money. It’s a practical five-seater with a high roof and a huge amount of storage should you need it. With 80PS, the most affordable 1.3-litre diesel isn’t the quickest performer - you’d be better upgrading to the 95PS model if you cover lots of motorway miles.

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List Price from £13,345
Buy new from £12,320
Contract hire from £221.57 per month

Citroen C3 Feel BlueHDI 100 £17,440

A quirky alternative to conventional small hatchbacks like the Vauxhall Corsa, the Citroen C3 looks funky and offers a relaxed - rather than sporty - drive. The BlueHDi 100  is available on the Feel trim level and upwards, starting at £17,440 and bringing with it 16-inch alloy wheels, a bi-tone roof, automatic air con and a seven-inch touchscreen display.

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List Price from £12,590
Buy new from £11,794
Contract hire from £106.79 per month

Volkswagen Polo SE 1.6 TDI £17,830

The latest Volkswagen Polo is a really grown-up little hatchback, with a classy interior and a refined drive. While we don't necessarily associate the Polo with cheap list prices, it's still one of the most affordable diesels on the market. The 1.6 TDI is available with 80PS or 95PS - obviously, it's the less powerful one which will appeal to the car buyer on a budget.

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List Price from £16,265
Buy new from £13,426
Contract hire from £167.68 per month

SEAT Ibiza SE 1.6 TDI £17,965

Unlike the Polo, the SEAT Ibiza isn't available with an 80PS 1.6-litre TDI engine - just the more powerful 95PS version. So, while the cheapest diesel is marginally more expensive than the closely-related Polo, you get more performance for your money.

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List Price from £15,615
Buy new from £10,695
Contract hire from £144.20 per month