Top 10: Highest rated hatchbacks

We've examined the results of the Honest John Satisfaction Index 2020 to uncover the hatchbacks that are the best.

Owners were asked to rate their car out of 10 on comfort, practicality, running costs and safety, along with feedback on the vehicle’s reliability and build quality. These are the 10 hatchbacks that came out on top in 2020 based on feedback from 10,000 readers.

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Hyundai Ioniq (2016 -)

Satisfaction rating: 93.7%

Sitting at the top of the pile is the impressive Hyundai Ioniq. One of the few cars to be available as a hybrid, a PHEV and a pure EV, the Ioniq was recently facelifted with an improved interior and a bigger battery for the EV model. Owners are clearly a satisfied bunch, rating the Ioniq highly in all areas, especially technology, reliability and economy.

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Toyota Prius (2016 -)

Satisfaction rating: 92.2%

Along with the Ioniq, the Prius is a favourite with private hire drivers - proof if it were needed of its reputation for build quality. If you want an effortless and quiet car to travel in, this is it. It performed strongly in the Satisfaction Index 2020 with safety and reliability two areas it scored highly for.

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Skoda Octavia (2013-)

Satisfaction rating: 91.2%

If you want a functional and spacious car that's also good value, the Octavia should be high up on your list. Its huge boot and roomy cabin mean it can cope with everything family life can throw at it. No surprise then that it scored very highly with owners for practicality although ride comfort was rated below average.

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Toyota Yaris (2011 - )

Satisfaction rating: 89.6%

It's far from the newest hatchback on the market, but thanks to various facelifts and improvements, the Yaris continues to prove popular, not least because it is the only small hybrid hatchback currently on sale. Owners are most happy with its reliability and how easy it is to drive.

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Honda Civic (2017-)

Satisfaction rating: 89.4%

There is no shortage of good family cars on the market, but for our money, the Honda Civic is up there with the best. It's the hatchback we recommend the most and this is further proof why. It's a car that buyers are very happy with, particularly its performance, handling and practicality. Only a below par rating for fuel economy lets it down.

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Mazda 3 (2014 - 2019)

Satisfaction rating: 89.2%

The latest Mazda 3 may be getting rave reviews, but there's plenty of life left in its predecessor that was built from 2014 to 2019. The interior may not be much to write home about but it's a well built car with 3 owners praising its reliability. It also scored highly for handling and ease of driving.

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Peugeot 308 (2014 -)

Satisfaction rating89.1%

We think the 308 is a much underrated car. We often hear from satisfied owners via Ask HJ so its appearance here should be no surprise. For us it's the stylish interior and excellent Puretech engines that stand out and owners agree with it scoring highly for performance while practicality was another strong point.

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Ford Focus (2014 - 2018)

Satisfaction rating: 88.9%

The ubiquitous Focus remains one of the best selling cars in the UK and a favourite with readers. It's as good to drive as ever and so it's no surprise to see it scoring well with buyers when it comes to handling. The Focus was also praised by owners for its reliability.

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Honda Jazz (2015 -)

Satisfaction rating: 88.9%

The most versatile small car on the market, nothing else can match the clever 'magic seats' of the Jazz that fold and flip in various configurations to allow you to carry surprisingly large items. It's just one of the reasons the Honda scored so highly for practicality with owners who also rated the build quality and reliability.

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BMW 1 Series (2011 - 2019)

Satisfaction rating: 87.7%

Rounding out this top 10, the old 1 Series that was built from 2011 to 2019 is the only hatch from a premium manufacturer to make this list. As you'd expect, it was rated highly by owners for handling and performance, although they were less impressed with its practicality and marked it down for repair costs.

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