Review: Volkswagen London Taxi (2012)

Funky concept based on the Up. Electric power only.

Sadly was only ever destined as a concept.

Volkswagen London Taxi (2012): At A Glance

A conceptual twist on a British institution has been unveiled in the form of the Volkswagen London  Taxi Concept – the latest evolution in a series of ‘World Taxis’ based on the underpinnings of the UP! city car.

Designed to meet the challenges faced by vehicles in modern cities, with ever tighter restrictions on space and emissions, the Volkswagen Taxi Concept is powered by an electric motor fed by lithium-ion batteries.  With a capacity of 45 kW/h the batteries allow the electric motor to generate a maximum power output of 115 PS, translating to a theoretical top speed of 74 mph.

What does a Volkswagen London Taxi (2012) cost?

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