Volkswagen ID.7 Review 2024

Volkswagen ID.7 At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
The Volkswagen ID.7 aims to take on the top-selling Tesla Model 3 at its own game, with a long range, classy driving dynamics and latest generation tech. It is spacious and refined, although the launch edition isn’t cheap

+Great all-round drive. Excellent refinement. Useful range even for high-mileage drivers

-Launch Edition prices are high. Wind-cheating styling is a bit anonymous

The new Volkswagen ID.7 is the latest and largest family car from VW’s ID-branded electric car line-up. It arrives just in time to take on its key EV saloon rival, the Tesla Model 3, along with cars such as the BYD Seal, Hyundai Ioniq 6 and BMW i4. You could call it the electric replacement for the Volkswagen Passat saloon. Has VW thrown a lucky seven? Read our full Volkswagen ID.7 review to find out.

The new Volkswagen ID.7 follows the Volkswagen ID.3, Volkswagen ID.4 and Volkswagen ID.5. Like all of those cars, it is a five-door hatchback, but is unquestionably the most upmarket iteration yet.

Instead of the SUV-like styling of the other three, the Volkswagen ID.7 takes on a sleeker, lower-slung appearance, which has the added benefit of boosting aerodynamic efficiency. It has a slippery drag coefficient Cd of just 0.23, which is great news for high-speed range.

Speaking of which, the Volkswagen ID.7 launches with a 77kWh battery, which in VW-speak is called ‘Pro’. A later ‘Pro S’ battery with an 86kWh capacity will follow later. Even with the ‘smaller’ battery, it has a 385-mile range, which will immediately earn it a place on the consideration list of many. The Volkswagen ID.7 Pro S will have a range easily north of 400 miles.

The 77kWh battery has a decent DC charging speed of up to 170kW. If owners use the sat nav, it preconditions ahead of a DC rapid charge, so it can take on maximum rate of charge – it will go from 10% to 80% in as little as 28 minutes. Volkswagen ID.7 Pro S will enjoy DC rapid charging at up to 200kW.

The first Volkswagen ID.7 models in the UK are lavishly-equipped Launch Edition cars. These have a premium price tag of over £55,000, which is more expensive than even the dearest Tesla Model 3. More affordable Volkswagen ID.7 versions will follow in due course, but the high-end price tag is, undeniably, initially challenging.

The Volkswagen ID.7 does look suitably upmarket though, with its smooth lines and lustrous paint finish. All colours have a contrast black roof, while standard 19-inch alloy wheels are joined by optional 20-inch rims – both having a sparkling diamond cut finish.

Inside, the Volkswagen ID.7 immediately feels a cut above something like a Tesla Model 3. All the rich, robust build quality VW is famous for is there and the special Alcantara upholstery of the Launch Edition cars is plush. It’s seriously spacious inside too, with acres of rear space and a vast boot. Clever details abound as well, from the electronic air vents, to the infotainment screen running VW’s latest software.

And on the road, it soon becomes clear the Volkswagen ID.7 is the most well-honed VW ID model yet launched. Refinement is exceptional, driving dynamics demonstrate plenty of depth and performance is swift yet reassuring. It’s a superb motorway car, with a stable, relaxing feel and ample range from the generous battery. Notably, it also has a broader range of dynamic prowess than the Tesla Model 3…

Sure, the Volkswagen ID.7 is initially expensive. But this Launch Edition version shows it has plenty of strength in depth – if you can’t stretch to this one, the more affordable versions that arrive later will certainly be worth a look. The Volkswagen ID.7 shows that VW is realty getting to grips with how to make electric cars desirable and we can’t wait to see it go head-to-head with the current market leader, the Telsa Model 3.