Volkswagen Golf R32 (2005 – 2009) Review

Volkswagen Golf R32 (2005 – 2009) At A Glance


+Quick, surefooted and well equipped.

-The Audi S3 is more satisfying to drive really quickly. Less efficient than the Golf GTI, Skoda Octavia vRS and SEAT Leon Cupra.

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What do I do about the ESP failure on my 2005 Volkswagen Golf?

"My 55 reg Volkswagen Golf has ESP failure. What am I best advised to do about it?"
After the initial scandal when VW dealers were asking £1,800 - £2,000 to fix this on cars just out of the 3 year warranty, VW was eventually shamed into applying a fix developed by but stopped doing this FoC in August 2015. For a 55 reg, now more than 10 years old, best to get your VW specialist to send the module to ECU testing to get it fixed. Cost you a total of about £500.
Answered by Honest John

Why doesn't anyone make a V6-engine family car any more?

"I am looking to replace my car in 2012. I currently have a 2004 MG ZS 180 five door which has covered 255,000 miles and has been a brilliant car in its reliability and build quality, but most of all it has been an absolute joy to drive, especially with the snorting V6. I have around £20,000 to spend, plus the MG. I have owned V6 cars over the last 15 years including a Golf III VR6 and a Golf IV 4 Motion VR6, which again were fabulous cars. Running costs don’t bother me. The problem I’m having is that no one seems to do V6 engines in new family-size cars any more. My only other consideration is a latest plate possible R32 Golf, which seem to be becoming collectors' cars as the last big-engined Golfs. Any tips would be gratefully received. It needs to be roomy enough to accommodate two kids and the wife as well as be comfortable."
You're right about V6s. Emissions taxes have killed them off. There's a beautifully smooth chain cam V6 in the Lexus IS250, but that's best as an auto and maybe not your type of car. Everyone else seems to have gone 2.0-litre turbo petrol. Audi's 340PS 2.5 chain cam 5-cylinder in the TTRS and RS3 is brilliant, but some people don't rate the handling ‘feel’ of the RS3 and, while £20,000 buys a 265PS S3, it won’t buy an RS3. The MG KV6's life is fairly amazing, but worth recording in car-by-car breakdown at HJUK (I’ve also had reports of a 1.6K Series that reached 400k).
Answered by Honest John

My no-claims bonus has lapsed - where can I insure my Volkswagen Golf R32 cheaply?

"Can you recommend a good broker/underwriter for me. I have been a named driver on my wife's car insurance policy since 2006, when I sold my car which was insured under a policy in my own name. I had at that point accumulated five years' no-claims bonus. I have made no claims during this named driver period (so I now have 9 years clean claims history) nor any points or disqualifications, so I have a completely clean licence. I recently tried to obtain insurance on our family car, a 2008 5-door Volkswagen Golf R32, in my own name with my wife as the named driver and me as principal insured. I am told that because the last time I had a policy in my own name was four years ago, my no-claims has 'lapsed' and therefore I am treated as if I have no no-claims history. The quotes range from the exorbitant to the outrageous. I am a 38 year old married lawyer with 2 children, have had only one own fault claim in 20 years of driving (2001 - no third party involved and no more than a £1,000 repair), have a completely clean licence and have had no break in driving at all. Is there anyone who would take a more realistic view of my risk profile?"
Answered by Honest John
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