Review: Volkswagen Cargo Up (2012)

Small one seater van version of Up, sacrifices a seat for load capacity. One of the smallest light vans available

Not definite for production, but very likely it will be approved.

Volkswagen Cargo Up (2012): At A Glance

Cargo Up! van version of the baby Volkswagen which has the rear seats and front passenger seat removed to create a flat-floored 1,400-litre load capacity and a payload of 426kg.

Bulkhead behind the driver with a Plexiglas top half while the rear and side windows are body-coloured, so businesses can easily brand the van. It also gets a raised ride height and underbody protection.

Very highly likely to see production and could become a cheap, trendy fun city car. More in the Geneva Show Video.

What does a Volkswagen Cargo Up (2012) cost?

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