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Volkswagen Reviews

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Good: Impressive off road and easy to drive off road. Refined, six-speed transmission with low range. Available with eight-speed automatic, feels solid and durable.
Bad: Standard 2.0 TDI has low CO2 and is reasonably economical but not ideal for towing work.
Good: High quality interior with impressive amounts of space, comfortable on the move.
Bad: Nothing special to drive. It's not got an Audi badge...
Good: Refreshed Caddy gets 2.0 TDI engine with improve economy.
Bad: A thorough revamp rather than an all-new van. Cargo area is still limited compared to the competition.
Good: Easy to drive. Lots of van-like practicality. Suitable for wheelchair conversion. Available with seven-seats. Petrol engines now available.
Bad: A lot more expensive than other van-based MPVs. Interior feels a little crude. 7-seats are fixed not folding.
Good: Much more refined than before. Higher quality dashboard. Improved economy. Still the coolest way to camp.
Bad: Very little improvement behind the front seats. Looks similar to predecessor. High list price. Beach models don't have ‘premium’ dashboard.
Good: Quiet and refined seven-seater. Impressive road handling for its size. Strong range of efficient diesel engines.
Bad: Expensive to buy new. Ride can get bumpy on rough roads. Rear seats are heavy and cumbersome to remove.
Good: Impressively refined and comfortable to drive. High quality interior. Excellent 2.0 TDI common rail diesel is one of the best van engines around.
Bad: Lower powered version of the TDI engine can struggle with a full load on board.
Good: Impressively swift and smooth performance. 124-mile real life range. Regenerative braking makes town driving easier. Feels similar to a petrol Golf.
Bad: Range is still limited compared to a petrol or diesel.
Good: Electric version of the Up with range of up to 100 miles. Surprisingly quick and enjoyable to drive. No compromise on boot space. Standard full charge in nine hours.
Bad: Renault Zoe is cheaper although you have to lease the battery.
Good: More rugged off-road version of the Golf Estate. Has 4Motion four-wheel drive and raised ground clearance.
Bad: Considerably more expensive than standard Golf Estate.
Good: Surefooted all-wheel drive handling. Impressive performance. Subtle styling. Three body styles.
Bad: Less exciting than a Focus RS. Estate is DSG auto only and is annoyingly intrusive. Restricted power output from September 2018 to meet WLTP targets.
Good: Sharp exterior styling. Relaxed and comfortable to drive. More practical and spacious than the Golf hatchback.
Bad: Rival small people carriers are cheaper.
Good: Seventh generation Golf sets perceived quality benchmark for class. More spacious than before. Better to drive. Refined and comfortable. Multiple award winner.
Bad: Issues with 1.5 TSI Evo engine. Still suffering problems with 7-speed dry clutch DSG. Good to drive but too many faults to stay 5 star.
Good: Good looking and well thought out design. Probably the best compact estate car available. Volkswagen quality interior. Refined at speed.
Bad: Not cheap. Five year 90k mile warranty costs £550 extra.
Good: Refined hybrid set-up. Comfortable and practical interior. Congestion Charge exempt.
Bad: No match for a petrol-powered hot hatch. Stodgy handling. Expensive, even after the government grant. Runs out of battery after about 35 miles then uses more fuel than a conventional car.
Good: Comes in two power outputs of 220PS GTI and GTI Performance with 230PS. Has larger brake discs and a front limited-slip differential. A great all round hot hatch.
Bad: Other hot hatches like the Focus ST are cheaper. Sales suspended from September 2018 due to inability to meet WLTP NOx and CO2 targets.
Good: Electric car capable of travelling between 250 and 400 miles from a charge. Size and price of a Golf.
Bad: On sale 2020.
Good: Very comfortable and quiet on the motorway. Up to 2200kg braked towing limit. Huge boot and lots of rear leg room. Refined TDI engine is reasonably economical.
Bad: Quite a lot of body roll in the corners. More powerful 190PS engine is DSG only. Expensive list price when new.
Good: Spacious and quiet cabin. Frugal diesel engines. Passat GTE plug-in hybrid offers impressive petrol/electric range.
Bad: Expensive. Doesn't have the badge appeal of its premium rivals.
Good: Relaxing and quiet to drive. Packed with the latest technology. Manifold in head diesel engines. Trailer assist works brilliantly. Spacious boot.
Bad: Expensive to buy new. No petrol engines. Vastly better with a manual gearbox than with a DSG.
Good: 30 mile electric range. Strong performance and good refinement. Low company car tax bracket.
Bad: Expensive at more than £37,000. Official economy figure is unrealistic.
Good: Impressive handling and strong performance. Very well equipped as standard. Refined and comfortable despite the firm suspension. DSG-only from launch with manual from late 2018.
Bad: Lacks the raw appeal of some hot hatches. Fiesta ST is cheaper and more fun.
Good: More Golf-like than ever before, will carry four large adults in comfort, huge boot, excellent range of petrol engines.
Bad: Rivals provide better value, bumpy ride on larger wheels, some interior trims feels a little cheap. Centre rear seatbelt cannot safely be used.
Good: Strong yet frugal diesel engines. Clever use of space inside with integrated child seats. Standard DAB digital radio. Practical and large sliding rear side door.
Bad: Rear seats don't fold into the floor in rare six-seat versions.
Good: Comfortable and easy to drive. Surprisingly practical and spacious. Excellent 1.0-litre petrol.
Bad: More hard plastics inside than we'd like.
Good: Comfortable, spacious and supremely practical. Refined diesel engines. Plenty of modern technology.
Bad: Expensive to buy. Other SUVs offer better value. Ride quality could be better. Deliveries significantly delayed by WLTP.
Good: Very comfortable and spacious. Ideal for long journeys. High quality interior with seven seats as standard. Well equipped as standard.
Bad: Not exactly exciting to drive...
Good: Luxurious and sophisticated interior. Massive levels of storage. Excellent ride quality on air suspension. Fully digital cabin is a tour de force.
Bad: Most of the smart tech costs extra. Only marginally cheaper than the Audi Q7. Sluggish and indecisive eight-speed auto gearbox. Not a seven-seater.
Good: Hugely practical with large boot. Seven-seater versions are well-suited for family life. Flexible seating system is easy to use. Five star Euro NCAP rating.
Bad: Expensive. Bland exterior styling.
Good: Even more refined and car-like to drive. Most economical 102PS 2.0 TDI is also the best. Large range of body configurations. Lots of standard equipment.
Bad: Not an all-new Transporter rather a revamp of the T5. Lacking legroom up front which hampers the driving position.
Good: Comfortable and refined on the move. Available with lots of personalisation options. High quality feel throughout. Entry-level 1.0 TSI engine is excellent.
Bad: Not as fun to drive as the SEAT Arona. Hardly the most daring of designs. Issues with 1.5 TSI Evo engine.
Good: Convertible version of T-Roc crossover.
Bad: On sale 2020.
Good: Great fun to drive. 1.0 TSI engine is packed with character. High quality interior.
Bad: Doesn't really do enough to justify its premium over the Up 1.0 TSI 90PS. Extremely noisy on the motorway. Production held up by WLTP.
Good: Funky little city car. Cheap to run with low CO2. Lively and fun to drive. Large enough for four adults.
Bad: Automated manual is poor. High incidence of clutch failure on manuals. Timing belts need replacing at 4 years or 40k miles. Manual gearbox oil at 3 years old.
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