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Mercedes-Benz Reviews

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Good: Completely re-worked A-Class with new petrol engines. Excellent infotainment and tech. Luxurious interior. Improved ride quality.
Bad: The looks aren't proving universally popular...
Good: Same engine line up as latest A-Class. Handsome small saloon.
Bad: On sale 2019.
Good: Supercar looks with huge power and gorgeous sound. Incredibly rewarding when driven hard. Rarer than rivals.
Bad: Cabin quality could be better. Jarring ride quality. Lacks steering feel and lacks the sparkle of the Audi R8.
Good: Mercedes-AMG answer to the Porsche Panamera. Available as a hybrid.
Bad: Won't be cheap...
Good: Very comfortable and relaxed to travel in. Lots of interior space in a reasonably compact package. Has new excellent MBUX system. High quality interior design and finish.
Bad: Styling will not appeal to everyone. Automatic in petrols can be hesitant at low speeds.
Good: Fabric roof folds down in 20 seconds and works at up to 30mph. Very serene with the top down even at higher speeds. 220 d is economical and reasonably refined.
Bad: Firmer ride than coupe. Small boot.
Good: Elegant and sleek styling. Beautifully judged balance of ride quality and handling. Incredibly refined at high speed. All models get navigation and heated seats. 4Matic available.
Bad: Rear space is as tight as you'd expect.
Good: Fantastic depth of quality. Lovely cabin ambience and improved interior space. Very refined, quiet and composed – even the four-cylinder diesels.
Bad: No 4Matic four-wheel drive models for the UK. Expensive options required to get the best from it. Only a minor luggage space improvement. Unintuitive infotainment interface.
Good: Much improved interior quality. More refined and better to drive than predecessor. Facelift diesels get new 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engines.
Bad: C220 CDI 2143cc with automatic gearbox is disappointing. Surprising quality issues with pre-facelift models.
Good: Most refined and comfortable small van on the market. Big improvement on the Renault Kangoo it's based on. 109 CDI BlueEfficiency returns a claimed 65.7mpg.
Bad: Rival vans are cheaper.
Good: Cheapest way to get a seven-seater Mercedes-Benz. Available with a petrol engine.
Bad: Interior feels dated and unsophisticated compared to Ford Tourneo Connect and Volkswagen Caddy. Feels too much like the Kangoo.
Good: Stylish four-door coupe. Similar to A-Class.
Bad: On sale May 2019.
Good: Five-door estate closely related to new A-Class and CLA Coupe. Tech-packed interior. Bigger boot opening than before.
Bad: On sale September 2019.
Good: Incredibly comfortable with superb ride quality. An ideal long distance car. Diesel engines are quiet yet powerful.
Bad: Tight for rear headroom. 450 petrol engine not as responsive or as quick as the figures would suggest.
Good: More rugged version of the E-Class Estate with increased ground clearance. Great performance. Wonderfully refined and comfortable.
Bad: Expensive list prices, even compared to the Audi A6 Allroad. Diesel only.
Good: Impressive refinement, solidity and a top quality interior. Few compromises over the coupe.
Bad: Rear seats uncomfortable for long journeys. No E 63 AMG model.
Good: Very refined, plenty of space for a coupe, almost as good as an S-Class Coupe for half the price, brilliant base model diesel engine, lovely looks, beautiful cabin.
Bad: Pricey – especially with options, tall folk will still feel cramped in the back, not as sharp or dramatic as a BMW 6 Series, E 300 petrol doesn’t sound great.
Good: Stylish and well-equipped. Impressive official fuel economy. Has one of the biggest boots in its class.
Bad: More expensive to buy than any of its its premium rivals. Initially only the AMG versions get a petrol engine.
Good: Beautiful cabin design and quality. Lovely high-speed refinement. Very quiet and staggeringly efficient four-cylinder diesel. Futuristic equipment and more spacious than ever
Bad: Lots of safety kit and tech is on the options list, Best-riding air suspension a high-priced option. COMAND system still clunky.
Good: All-electric crossover from Mercedes-Benz. Up to 280-mile range.
Bad: Not arriving until later in 2019.
Good: All-new G-Class has much improved interior design. Promises to be better to drive on road.
Bad: Not arriving until later in 2018.
Good: Impressive ride quality. Available with two or four-wheel drive. Good rear passenger and load space. High quality interior finish.
Bad: Lacklustre dual clutch automatic. 220 d noisy and not as good as competitor diesel engines. Driving position not as high as other compact SUVs.
Good: Seven-seat SUV to rival BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Range Rover Evoque.
Bad: Deliveries from late 2019.
Good: Brilliant ride quality. Sharper to drive than most SUVs. Beautiful cabin design and plenty of interior space. Diesels are quiet. Revamped with Mild Hybrid in 2019.
Bad: Best ride quality is on optional adaptive dampers. High starting price and expensive options (all over £40,000). Shallow boot. Lots of reported problems with steering at low speeds.
Good: Excellent refinement and very composed ride quality. Quiet diesel engine. Superb cabin quality. Spacious for rear seat passengers. Capable off-road if need be. Revamped with Mild Hybrid in 2019.
Bad: High price. Best ride quality depends on optional air suspension. COMAND system is still frustrating to use. Four-seat accommodation only. No room for a spare wheel. Lots of reported problems with steering at low speeds.
Good: Much improved GLE gets active air suspension and new engines.
Bad: Not coming until 2019.
Good: Immense road presence. Big improvement on the ML on which it is essentially based. 350d engine offers all the performance you need. Impressive nine-speed automatic.
Bad: Limited rear visibility makes it hard to park. High boot lip isn't ideal for loading pushchairs.
Good: Rival to BMW X7 and Range Rover. Bigger and more luxurious than before.
Bad: On sale summer 2019.
Good: Premium alternative to the standard camper. Plush interior will sleep four. Electric sliding door and tailgate fitted as standard.
Bad: High starting price, automatic only, quality of optional side awning could be better.
Good: Amazingly quiet, comfortable and refined. Beautifully finished cabin. Tastefully designed and of course very quick.
Bad: Poor rear seat space. High price and running costs matched by far cheaper Mercedes-Benz models in many ways. Dated-looking infotainment.
Good: One of the most comfortable cars you'll ever travel in, genuine four-seater, entry-level V8 provides reasonable fuel economy.
Bad: Not a true driver's car, nine-speed auto prone to odd bout of confusion, Active Curve System struggles with British B roads.
Good: Supremely comfortable with an elegant yet modern interior. Handles impressively well for such a big car. Reasonable economy and emissions.
Bad: S300 has a 2.1-litre diesel which can be noisy at times.
Good: Impressively refined with a smooth ride. Metal folding roof means it's as quiet as a coupe. AMG versions are brutally fast.
Bad: Doesn't feel particularly special given the price tag. Comfortable rather than outright sporty. Steering lacks feel.
Good: New name for revamped SLK, decent sized and useable boot for a folding hard top. Mightily impressive claimed 70mpg from SLC 250 d. AMG 43 sounds terrific.
Bad: A revamp rather than a new model. Cabin started to feel dated. Expensive list prices alongside Audi TT.
Good: Luxurious and comfortable cabin. Easy and relaxed to drive. Well-equipped as standard. Five star Euro NCAP rating.
Bad: Expensive to buy. Engines gruff when pushed hard. Rearranging the rear seats requires an extra pair of hands.
Good: Excellent quality and great to drive, Car-like refinement and cabin. Crew cab and minibus variants. Good standard equipment levels.
Bad: Foot-operated parking brake is a pain. 1.6-litre engine a little lethargic when laden. No high roof option.
Good: Premium pick-up with car-like refinement and comfort. Quiet engines. 3.5 tonne towing capacity.
Bad: Expensive to buy new and high running costs. Interior quality not quite up to Mercedes-Benz car standards.
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