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I want to buy a small second hand hybrid, budget £7000. What would you recommend?
I've got an 8 year old Honda Accord EX i-DTEC 2.2 diesel estate which I like very much and is the third I've had over the last 20 years or so. I hear alarms about possible future penalties on diesel emissions...
My wife has a 2004 automatic Honda Jazz which she is considering changing for a newer model. She has been completely satisfied with her Jazz and does not wish to change to another model/manufacturer. ...
An 80 year old friend is looking for a new car and has difficulty getting into cars which are too low down. She previously owned van like cars when her husband was alive to accommodate his wheelchair,...
How good are hybrid cars?
I want to buy a used hybrid for around £9000. How does the Lexus CT200h compare with other hybrids on the market?
Following on from the Hyundai Ioniq, do you think that they will bring out an SUV version - along the lines of the Kia Niro?
I know both the Kia and Hyundai companies are linked together. Now that kia have released the new Niro hybrid is the same technology going to be used on the Ioniq or will it be a completely new and independent...
My sister lives in London and wants to buy a Volkswagen Golf with an automatic gearbox. She has a budget of £20,000 and does mainly local journeys. with some longer ones at weekends. She is set on the...
I am a taxi driver and have £12,000 to spend on a used hybrid. Which do you recommend between the Mercedes-Benz E300 or Toyota Prius?

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