Kia and Hyundai hybrids - are they the same?

I know both the Kia and Hyundai companies are linked together. Now that kia have released the new Niro hybrid is the same technology going to be used on the Ioniq or will it be a completely new and independent of the hybrid technology used in the Niro. After a test drive in the Niro last week I was not impressed by the drive at all, so I'm hoping the Ioniq will drive much better. OK am comparing them to my Toyota Auris hybrid and Prius test drive (very impressed).

If the Ioniq is a good drive would it be better to wait until 2017 when the plug-in becomes available. What would be the advantages of waiting as opposed to buying the hybrid now.

Asked on 10 November 2016 by ian walker

Answered by Honest John
Same technology from same combined research centra and Namyang, South Korea. I think the Niro drives better than the Auris HSD and Prius because it has a dual clutch transmission rather than an epicyclic one. Toyota dropped plug-un for the latest Prius and Lexus models because it found buyers were not plugging them in.
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