Volkswagen Emissions Scandal: Government vows to fight for compensation

Published 19 October 2016

The Government has vowed to fight for compensation for owners of Volkswagen cars affected by the Emissions Scandal. The news comes after Volkswagen group admitted that as few as one in 10 of the one million cars fitted with the cheat device has been fixed. 

In a damning 13-page report, the Transport Committee criticised Volkswagen for underplaying the severity of its cheating and also said it was "deeply unfair" that the German carmaker was refusing to provide UK owners with the same goodwill payments that have been offered in the USA. 

Nearly half a million owners in the USA are affected by the Emissions Scandal, but as well as being offered a fix, US owners are expected to be given the option of selling their car back to the Volkswagen for a price that's based on the value before the global scandal erupted. Owners are also set to receive up to £8000 in compensation. 

Volkswagen is yet to issue a response to the Transport Committee's report; however, the public document states that "the treatment of UK consumers has not been acceptable" and that vehicle owners should be "compensated for the inconvenience, uncertainty and worry caused by Volkswagen’s cheating as well as for any loss in the value of affected vehicles."

Volkswagen says it has already contacted over 200,000 owners over the scandal in the UK, with affected cars fitted with a sophisticated software ‘defeat device’ that detects whether the vehicle is being driven normally or is undergoing a test in a laboratory. In the latter case, the device alters the engine characteristics to produce a lower level of emissions than usual. Volkswagen has said it will fix all cars affected by the Emissions Scandal for free.

The Transport Committee has pledged to "continue to fight for compensation for UK consumers" and Government ministers are expected to meet with Volkswagen UK before the end of 2016 in order to reiterate these views and to "remind Volkswagen that they expect the company to treat UK consumers fairly".

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Tenchman7    on 19 October 2016

I came from Honda to VW a number of years ago and on the whole my Golf Nazi Staff Car has been dull but reliable if nothing else!
Although not effected by the emissions myself i won't be buying another German car and will be going back to a Honda Civic.
Reason for this is that VW are not wanting to pay compensation to British VW buyers and are dragging their feet over sorting this whole issue, and i have come to the conclusion, they consider Britain weak and a big enough pushover to not have too.
I hope the wider world think again about buying ALL German cars as they seem very fragile these days!. Built to last 6 years and not much more as Honest John has quite often said. That equates to a lot of hard earned money for just 6 years before it starts failing and costing serious money to keep roadworthy................Steve.

RobJP    on 19 October 2016

I think that comment is grossly and gratuitively offensive : your 'nazi staff car'.

Tells me everything I need to know about you then, who went and bought a car with such an image, doesn't it ?

It must have suited you well, for you to go ahead with the purchase

Tenchman7    on 19 October 2016

Built like a "Panza Tank" RobJP!!. What a sad person you are!

Bryan Watts    on 22 October 2016

My 2012 Tiguan diesel was a really good car with the DSG box but after the upgrade following the emissions scandal it runs poorly and the fuel consumption has increased markedly.
Shock absorber problems has meant 1 was replaced under guarantee and another at my cost. Now another series of rubber bushes have splits and are degrading which need replacing. Also they don't tell you that the excellent DSG box needs an £80 oil change and the Haldex x4 wheel drive oil change at £40 as well as the expensive servicing. Car now nearly 4 years old and under 50k , I shall be going back to Toyota just a shame so many have the CVT gearbox.

Paul Colmer    on 22 October 2016

My 2014 CC was one of those so fitted. I have had a couple of letters , but no apology , until I contacted VW complaining. Then within a week I get a letter to take it in. Since the update it runs rougher , has a pinking noise and what was fantastic MPG on a 660 mile round trip has deteriorated to merely acceptable . Plus my engine warning light comes on intermittently. I went to VW after appalling customer service from Ford on a £40k S-Max , however VW isn`t the company I thought it was.
As an aside the comments re Haldex and DSG service cost , try running an Audi TT , you really pay for those services!

handpull    on 24 October 2016

Had fix done on our 63 plate Passat 140 est and since then there seems to be more low end torque and the mpg wether towing our caravan or solo has markedly improved

Johnno431    on 24 October 2016

According to VW there has been no drop in values of their cars in the U.K. But on visiting a BMW dealer I found his trade in offer was over £2000 less than published values. Same story at Land Rover and Volvo. Only the Audi dealer came up with the published value so its hard to believe the VW/Audi story that values haven't been affected by the scandal.

h15t0r1an    on 24 October 2016

Oh, for goodness sake.

American consumer culture and laws are completely different to ours here. That compensation is reasonable in the USA - but other remedies are more appropriate here.

FWIW although I've never seen this anywhere else, I think they should have given the guy that worked out the defeat program, a medal. It just shows up the ridiculous way emissions were being measured in the EU. Faced with a fatuous EU system that does not measure true levels of pollution anyway, actually I think that engineer did something quite reasonable. Give him a medal, I say !! and the rest of us can stop trying to take advantage so as to grab an opportunity to get compensation.

Geoff Styan    on 25 October 2016

I have just had the emission fix completed on my Touran and received a very nice box from VW
Containing 7 sweets, a ball point pen, key ring and a flask all of which I probably will not use.
Has anyone else received this 'gift' - I was told it was because some people were not happy with the scandal !!!!
What a waste of money

Sadtomato    on 29 March 2017

Al least you now know what VW think their customers are worth!

Beefyox    on 5 November 2016

Had a string of letters from SEAT Director insisting I get the 'fix' to my EXEO ST. So, I write asking for details of the software upgrade, plus before-and-after performance data, and a response to the key question - why did they need to cheat if they can fix it with a software patch? - absolutely no response. DVSA are not interested as not a safety recall, & Vehicle Certification Agency are not actively involved because all the type testing was carried out (to pan EU legislation) by TUV in Germany. So, don't hold your breath for Government intervention - we are on our own - vs the mighty VAG!

   on 20 November 2016

The real problem here is that VW are big employers in both Germany and Europe in general and governments will not want to see VW reduce employment. Thus there will be a huge 'fudge' to try to keep everyone quiet until the matter falls from headline news.

Now Trump is going to be in the White House there may be a stronger response from USA against VW.

For the rest of the Socialist world, VW will be bailed out one way or another to keep them going just like the banks and they will continue until the next scandal.

All customers of affected cars worldwide should be compensated in full by buy-back by VW at government set prices and the firm closed down.

Maria Barber    on 10 December 2016

I have just had an egr valve replaced following a near death experience with the car going into limp mode when I was accelerating on the motorway slip road. THe only evasive action was to cross three lanes to get to the hard shoulder as you come on the M60 junction in the fast lane! VW have steadfastly refused to accept any responsibilities and flatly deny that this is related to the emissions fault. According to several well experienced motor engineers it is directly related as the engine runs to richly causing the build up of deposit in the egr. I am now over £1110 worse off plus I had to hire a car. I can't get over the disgusting treatment and will be complaining further about this as I am so very angry!

Suki kaur    on 30 December 2016

Hi Maria

The same has happened to my car, awaiting diagnostics my car is still with VW. Like you i still beleive the car going into limp mode has something to do with emissions scandal, but its how do we prove it!! Just waiting for bill

MarkLyth    on 10 December 2016

My Passat (2.0 TDi Blue Motion)has just received its software 'fix' on the back of a major service. I received a good will pack of stuff (Oil, screen-wash, tote bag, lightbulb kit etc). I can't say I've notice much of a change in the cars performance in terms of acceleration. Its too early to comment on fuel consumption. Something to keep an eye on. I am part of a group legal action against VW and I certainly hope for compensation. I appeared on Panorama last year with my car and family. I am still amazed at how VW have got away with this in the UK without any serious talk about compensation. We really are a push over in this country.

Jeff Johnson    on 10 December 2016

Our passat had the so called "FIX" done in july, and i have been trying to get the car put right ever since..

from the day of the service and "FIX", we have had increased engine noise (a rattle from the top of the engine). this is at about 1000-1500rpm in any gear. also increased DPF regenerations. economy is worse, and power in the 1000-1500rpm range is lacking.

if you read what Maria Barber wrote " the fix causes the engine to run RICHER creating more build up in the EGR. this coincides with the extra often DPF regenerations a lot of owners are getting including myself. i am finding i get a regeneration on average every 160 miles.

on other internet pages owners are reporting engine failure due to this "FIX". costing £1800-2000 to repair. several independant technicians have proved that the FIX software is going to cause problems for a lot of owners. i was reading a report last night of 2 owners getting an independant technician to swap ECU's on 2 identical cars. one had the FIX applied the other was un-modified. instantly the car that received the ECU with the fix applied, developed problems, and the other car which received the non modified ECU returned to how it drove before the FIX was applied. this was an exercise to prove what a VW dealer had told them... they said the car must have developed a mechanical fault post-recall!!

another owner has tested his car on a dyno after the recent colder weather and noticing that his car drove better when the outdoor temperature was below 5c he sais in his post it was like the car had returned to pre-recall performance. i read further into this and found more people experiencing the same. further reading found an EX-VW employee saying that the FIX software only operated between 5c and 18c. outside this range the FIX software would cause.. the dyno tests proved this as they had full control of the ambient temperature and other parameters.. power at the wheels was 10% lower at 1000-1500rpm range.

i visited a Mercedes dealer last week, looking at a new Eclass estate. the deal was almost done until they took my car out on test, they gave me 2 options on trade in. one to trade the car in as-is. with a valuation £1900 lower. the other option was to have the car repaired. they noticed the engine rattle and said they would hold the £1900 to fund the repairs themselves. as far as i am aware the only repair is for VW to re-flash the ECU with the original software. and i have been denied that on several occasions.

maybe VW will offer you a reasonable trade in to keep you as a customer??.

Sadtomato    on 29 March 2017

Good point. A former work colleague had a succession of Fiats in the 1980s and seemed to have trouble with all of them. I asked why he kept buying Fiats and he said that no one wanted to buy they so he had to trade them in at the dealers and have another one!

Jonny Soralde    on 29 November 2017

Jonny 29/11/2017

VW send an invitation to fix my Jetta 1.6 TDi 2011 with regards to the emission scandal but when I came in there as scheduled they told me after 1 hour that the car's EGR is faulty so they can not proceed with the emission fixing unless the EGR is done which I have to pay £515. but the worst of all was that when I asked if the £515 is a fix price that I need to pay, the the service advisor named Lizzy at VW lookers Teesside said that the fixing of EGR could cost more as it depends which fault or what type of fault is in there when they check it and that is the only way they can fix the emission problem. I declined and walk away and said that my car was running fine until I came here because of your emission recall now your are saying that the EGR is faulty and you can not fix the emission unless the EGR is fixed is not acceptable. I was very disappointed in dealing with these professionals from VW Teesside.

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