Audi A5 (2007 – 2016) Review

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Audi A5 (2007 – 2016) At A Glance


+Spacious boot. Solid build quality. Good to drive on the motorway. Good handling with quattro all-wheel drive.

-BMW 4 Series is better equipped and better to drive. Options can add up to thousands and make used examples difficult to price. Oil consumption problem with 2.0 TSI.

Insurance Groups are between 26–42
On average it achieves 77% of the official MPG figure

First introduced in 2007 as a coupe, the Audi A5 still feel surprisingly modern thanks to a series of engine and equipment upgrades. However, it is showing its age next to more recent Audi models like the A4, as well as rivals like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe and BMW 4 Series. It’s still worth a look, but be sure to check out its competitors. 

The cabin is the main area in which the A5 feels dated. It’s very well made, but the centre stack and infotainment controls feel a generation out of date compared to the sleek and modern layout in a BMW 4 Series, which also has a clearer, more user-friendly interface for its infotainment system.

Having said that, the A5 still feels like a high-quality car, with sturdy yet plush materials. Like other large coupes, the rear seats are useable if not particularly spacious, but two children will be able to get comfortable – there is no middle seat. The boot is reasonably large and practical at 455 litres – more than enough for shopping or trips away – and it can be expanded to 829 litres by folding the rear seats.

The engine range has evolved considerably since 2007. Dozens of different variants have appeared over the years, but with a common theme – all offer good performance. The choice for company car drivers is the 163PS 2.0-litre TDI Ultra, thanks to low emissions if 109g/km – but there are also more powerful diesels, along with a selection of petrol engines.

On the road the A5 is quiet, refined and easy to drive, whether cruising along the motorway or tackling a B-road. Compared to a BMW 4 Series the A5 feels heavy and has less involving steering, but it has plenty of traction and rides well, balancing good body control and comfort fairly well, though larger alloy wheels do firm things up.

It might be getting on a bit, but there is still plenty of reason to give the Audi A5 a look – it’s a solid, well-made car that drives well. It’s important to think about its rivals though – the BMW 4 Series is better too drive and just as plush, while the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe feels more up-to-date. 

Audi A5 and S5 2007 Road Test

Audi A5 Coupe, Cabriolet and Sporback 2011 Facelift Road Test

Looking for a Audi A5 (2007 - 2016)?
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Real MPG average for a Audi A5 (2007 – 2016)


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My son's No Claims runs out soon - should we insure an old banger in his name to maintain his NCB?
"We run two cars: an Audi A5, UK insured for summer and a Nissan X-Trail, insured in France for winter. We share them both with our son, who lives in London and does about 4000 miles per year. We do 40,000 miles per year and both cars are insured for us all to drive in the UK and Europe. His no claims apparently runs out after two years, which is soon, and he is keen to maintain it. How can we do this? Should we buy a banger and insure it in his name, even if he never drives it?"
You can either make him the main driver on one of the vehicles and have the policy in his name, or contact future insurers to see if they will consider your shared claims history to credit his no claims. Admiral do this on some of their policies. Buying a banger and insuring it is a novel way round it and nothing to say you cannot, it just appears a very expensive way round it. You could insure him on a policy for a few months and cancel it, then request current proof of no claims. But you would then have cancellation fees. Your best out of all would be to insure him as the main user on the A5.
Answered by Tim Kelly
MoT failure over suspension
"I'm thinking of buying a used Audi A5; however, DVLA records show that the car failed a recent MoT due to: -Nearside front Front suspension has excessive play in a lower suspension ball joint front joint (2.5.B.1a) -Offside Front suspension has excessive play in a lower suspension ball joint front joint (2.5.B.1a) Owner says he only needed to do one ball joint to get the car though the MoT, but I am not so sure. How do the other parts pass after being deemed a failure? Surely a fail is a fail? Does this leave the car unroadworthy?"
Yes. Forget this car. Find another.
Answered by Honest John
Buying a used Audi - A5 or A7?
"I want to buy a used Audi quattro 3.0 diesel automatic. I can't decide between the A5 and A7. Can you please tell me the pros and cons of each car, to help with my decision?"
The A7 is simply bigger. Test and video here: Car by car entry here: A5 V6 TDI test here: A5 2011 Sportback test here: Car by car entry here:
Answered by Honest John
Buying a five year old car with 20 miles on the clock
"I have spotted a five year old Audi A5 2.0 TFSI for sale. It has just 20 miles on the clock and the seller will service the car and fit a new battery before the sale. What sort of price should I look to pay? "
Top price for one of these at a dealer is £17,000: Bear that in mind if he wants £20,000. Get interested if he wants £16,000.
Answered by Honest John

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