BMW 3 Series Coupe (2006 – 2012) Review

BMW 3 Series Coupe (2006 – 2012) At A Glance


+Stylish four-seater coupe. Plenty of room for four and their luggage. Comes with a great choice of engines including frugal diesels. 335i is outstanding to drive.

-Tight in the back for 6-footers. Some very serious problems with first generation 335i.

Insurance Groups are between 24–42
On average it achieves 80% of the official MPG figure

Unlike previous 3-Series coupes, this one shares no body panels at all with the saloon. It sits on a long wheelbase, helping reduce pitching over undulations. Somehow it's been "de-Bangled" of the sometimes-odd styling quirks of all recent BMWs. You don't have to persuade yourself it's a good-looking car. It simply is. Though a bigger car than the E46 coupe, on average it's ten kilos lighter. And it's very practical, too.

Road Test BMW E92 335i Coupe

Real MPG average for a BMW 3 Series Coupe (2006 – 2012)


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20–58 mpg

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Does my car qualify for the £140 rate?
"Does my car qualify for the £140 rate? It's a 2010 BMW 3 Series Coupe 2.5-litre."
No, simply because it is not a new car purchased from April 2017 onwards. Your car is still on the current CO2 based VED bands and there is a possibility that the rates will go up slightly from April.
Answered by Honest John
Should I buy a BMW 3 Series Coupe?
"I have been told that the previous-generation BMW 330ci M Sport is a very good car and that its engine is probably one of the best of its kind. Can you shed any light on this? Is it as good as people say?"
M Sport often means 19-inch wheels or 20-inch wheels with 40, 35 or 30 profile tyres and a very hard ride. But the straight six engine is beautifully smooth, beaten only by the turbocharged 335i. More here, including a link to a test and owners reviews: This reader particularly likes his 330i:
Answered by Honest John
Which four-seater coupe would you recommend?
"I'm after a used 'premium' coupe with a bit of 'oomph'. My budget is £15k. It must have four seats and be petrol-engined. Obvious choices are BMW 3 Series Coupe (very common), A5, C-Class coupe, but is there anything else you'd add to my shortlist? "
Yes, an E92 330i or 335i would be my choice: A5 coupes are nice but the 2.0 litre petrol engines have had problems: An oddball choice is a (rare) Renault Laguna coupe, tested here: Or a Peugeot 407 coupe, tested here: Check them all out for faults in
Answered by Honest John
Which fast but subtle car?
"A friend has £12,000 to spend on a used car. Performance and handling are very important. Badge, status, and frivolities such as heated seats, sat-nav, electric mirrors etc are totally unimportant. Both of us used to be fans of the original Impreza Turbo - until it became associated with the 'youths' who fit the obligatory dump-valve, big-bore exhaust, and spend their evenings showing off down the local McDonalds car park. Are there any subtle, discreet, performance hatchbacks or saloons out there that haven't gained an undesirable reputation? Something that will deliver the goods in terms of driving experience but which won't have the local idiots drooling over it at the petrol station?"
A BMW 335i.
Answered by Honest John
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