Honest John Satisfaction Index 2021: Most comfortable cars

Crossovers reign supreme in the top 10 most comfortable cars to own in the Honest John Satisfaction Index 2021.

It's perhaps not surprising as they've been hugely popular in recent years, with drivers choosing them for their SUV-like looks, driving position, practicality - and comfort. The scores are based purely on ride comfort, with more than 5,000 owners taking part.

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Volkswagen T-Roc

Comfort rating: 9.60

Volkswagen's Golf-sized crossover tops this year's Satisfaction Index for comfort. Behind the wheel, the T-Roc is a reassuringly solid and stable car, while also being incredibly quiet with little road or wind noise. The interior is well finished and rear passengers enjoy a decent amount of space, with good headroom. Overall, owners are happy with the T-Roc as it was also the highest-rated crossover in this year's Index. 

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Honda CR-V

Comfort rating: 9.57

The Honda CR-V is one of the best SUVs around and clearly owners consider it one of the most comfortable, with a rating that would have been high enough to give it the top spot in last year's Index. The latest model has a more spacious interior than before thanks to a longer wheelbase and rear passengers benefit from excellent legroom and headroom. 

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Lexus NX (2014-2021)

Comfort rating: 9.42

2020's highest-rated car for comfort is still proving popular with owners. The quality of the interior is superb, as you would expect from Toyota’s premium brand. On the road the NX is quiet and refined with hardly any wind or road noise. Body control is very good too, with very little pitch or roll, which means it feels safe and composed through corners.

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Hyundai Ioniq 

Comfort rating: 9.39

The Ioniq made it into the top 10 last year, with a comfort rating of 9.00. This year it climbs to fourth. Available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or full electric, it's an interesting alternative to the Toyota Prius hybrid or Nissan Leaf EV. Generally, we found the Ioniq hybrid and EV feel very similar to drive, though the EV picks up speed from a standstill more quickly and is quieter. The ride quality over uneven surfaces is noticeably smoother in the EV.

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Toyota Corolla

Comfort rating: 9.38

The Toyota C-HR made it into the top 10 for comfort in 2020. This year, it's the Corolla's turn. The likeable family hatch has very comfortable front seats, with plenty of adjustment, although head and legroom is quite limited for adults in the back. The Corolla is composed on twisty roads, which means it irons out rough surfaces and potholes with ease. 

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Skoda Kodiaq 

Comfort rating: 9.30

The Kodiaq is something of a stalwart in the comfort category of the Satisfaction Index. Don't be deceived by its chunky dimensions - it's very easy to drive, with a good seating position and nicely weighted controls. On the road it's incredibly quiet with barely any wind, engine or tyre noise entering the cabin. 

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Mazda CX-5

Comfort rating: 9.25

Like the Hyundai Ioniq, the Mazda CX-5 has risen in the Satisfaction Index for comfort. Mazda hasn’t radically overhauled the interior of the third iteration of the CX-5, opting to simply improve and enhance the previous one. To give the car a premium feel there is plenty of soft-touch materials and the front seats are comfortable and well-bolstered, offering plenty of adjustment.

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Skoda Superb Estate

Comfort rating: 9.18

The Superb Estate is another Skoda that frequently features in the Satisfaction Index for comfort. It lives up to its name when it comes to ride quality with the suspension dealing effortlessly with potholes and poor quality roads. Passenger space is excellent, even for those over six-foot, and the boot is one of the largest of any family estate car. 

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Kia Niro 2016

Comfort rating: 9.16

Another hybrid makes it into the top 10 most comfortable cars, with owners appreciating the Kia Niro's quiet cabin. On the road the Niro is very easy to drive with light and accurate steering. Aside from the hybrid system, the Niro is very much like any other crossover. It’s spacious, comfortable and comes with plenty of modern technology.

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Kia Sportage (2016-2021)

Comfort rating: 9.03

Like Skoda, Kia can boast two cars in the top 10 listing for comfort in this year's Satisfaction Index. Kia's answer to the Nissan Qashqai is impressively quiet and the raised driving position, light steering and predictable handling make for relaxed driving. The reassuring seven-year, 100,000-mile warranty adds to the Sportage's appeal. 

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