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Most recently answered car cleaning products questions
Can you suggest a tool and perhaps a cleaning product to clean the inside of my car windscreen? Steep angled screens make this an awkward job.
I am the proud owner of a sparkly-painted 12 day old Maserati. It has a ceramic coating so how worried do I need to be about the Saharan dust on the paintwork?
What can I use to get rid of the marks from wipers on a windscreen? They are not deep but they are visible and I don't want to use the drill. I tried with Autoglym polish but it's not working?
I am looking after a Citroen DS3 for a friend working abroad. It has a soft cloth top folding roof but part of the roof has green mould on it and I was wondering what is the best product to remove it?
I spilt a bottle of petrol in the boot of my car three weeks ago. Despite cleaning with shampoo, I still cannot get rid of the smell. Can you advise of any product I could use?
How can I get back the texture on my leather steering wheel without damaging its metallic inserts?
Round here (rural Lincolnshire) the roads are filthy with mud from tractors and could be pressure washed just about every day. Is there a product that can be sprayed on after jet washing to remove the...
I have just purchased a new car which I have to keep outside on my drive. Can you recommend a car polish that will give it good protection through the winter months?
What is the best product/method to restore the clearness of dull headlight glass?
I am getting a SEAT Leon FR Black Edition and I want to keep it clean at all times and in the best shape possible. From your knowledge what is the best car care pack I could buy without being silly money...