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I have a one-year-old Mercedes C200 in Celonite Grey paint. What polish or wax would you recommend?
I have just purchased a Subaru XV. I was offered body protection at a ridiculous cost. Can you recommend a polish to carry out the protection myself?
I've been looking at wrapping or ceramic polish to preserve my car's paintwork and keep it looking good. Wrapping is pretty pricey, so what do you think of the ceramic polish paint treatment?
What is your view on the high priced, 'special' car polishes currently available? Are they worth the extra money and is there one you particularly recommend, please?
My 18-month-old Chevrolet Orlando has Velvet red metallic paintwork. After shampooing and drying it looks superb. Should I be waxing it? If so, what would you recommend and how often please
I use Autoglym Super Resin Polish and then Extra Gloss Protection after that. Should I then use Autoglym High Def wax to seal it, or is High Def meant to be an alternative to one or both of the others?
Friend taking delivery new Jag. XF in metallic black. Have warned swirl marks easily made and seen so advised 2 bucket method washing. Is it worth applying the Poorboys formulated for black paintwork (which...
I bought a new Mercedes E200 two months ago which I need to keep for many years. What is the best way of protecting the paint and body work?
I am looking at buying a Toyota Yaris 6 months old from my local Toyota dealer - they are advising me to take the paint protection - does this really work?
I had my Skoda paintwork "Supaguarded" when I bought my car four years ago. Since then, I have washed it regularly with Autoglym but have not waxed it. I intend now to give it a good wax before winter...

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