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Is the Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock suitable for motorhomes?
I am buying a new car in October and wish to fit a dash cam. I've looked at various comparison sites and wonder what, in your opinion, gives a good value for money and specification.
Can you recommend a reasonably priced OBD scanner for a 2012 Suzuki Swift?
What type of screenwash do you recommend?
When I take my keyless entry key out of the Faraday pouch to gain entry and drive, can my key still be cloned at the point of use?
Do deep scratch removers really work? And what is the best one if they do?
I came across a 'gadget round-up' recently. One of the products recommended was a car air purifier. The article purports that when driving in traffic, pollutants build up which are not removed by the car's...
Can you recommend a non-corrosive alloy wheel cleaner which will remove marks, due to brake dust?
My son lives in Twickenham and keeps his car in a public car park which is covered in trees. His old car had several big marks in the paintwork on the bonnet and roof caused by bird poo which is obviously...
I need a reasonably priced full car cover for protection against heavy dust/grit and possibly small stone chippings coming from my neighbour's house which is undergoing a major renovation until the end...

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