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How do I update the maps on my Shenen satnav?
I have a BMW X5 and am considering having dealer fitted front and rear cameras fitted. The rear-facing camera is fairly unobtrusive but the front one is pretty conspicuous. I have some concerns about this....
I recently bought a used Toyota Auris. Unfortunately, it has scuff marks on the front of the glove box, which is a matte black vinyl material. You've previously recommended Meguiar's Black Plastic Restorer...
With the increasing theft of catalytic converters from parked cars, is there really anything the average motorist can do to protect their vehicle?
I have three pressure gauges, each of which shows a different pressure taken at the same time on the same tyre. Can you recommend an accurate one?
Having had the disappointing experience of being side-swiped by a lorry and the driver then claiming it was my fault, it's time to get a dash cam. One thing that bothers me, though, is that if I mount...
Having just paid £400 to have corrosion on the alloy wheels of a six-year-old car rectified, what do you recommend, firstly, to clean alloy wheels and secondly what to use to protect them from corrosion?
Can you suggest a reasonably priced battery trickle charger and boost for a Jaguar XK?
What is the best product/method to restore the clearness of dull headlight glass?
What's the best phone holder?

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