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Is there a dash cam that will record who is keying my car? It's parked on the street outside my house and I am the only car that’s being keyed. It’s happened three times and every time I've had it repaired...
I saw an advert for a dash camera app for my iPhone. Are any of dash cam apps worth getting and would they be as efficient as a proper dash cam?
Are there dash cams available that don't need wires to connect them to the car?
I have two dash cameras in my MINI Countryman. One is in the front of my car and one is in the rear. When I plug them in, the DAB radio fails. Any idea as to why this is happening?
What would be the cost of a reasonably priced, good dash camera?
I'd like a dash cam, but would prefer a hidden unit in the grill. want something waterproof, but I can't seem to find one. Am I best just looking at motorbike cameras and adapting it? Suggestions would...
My 22-year-old daughter was second in line at a local roundabout in rush hour traffic. The Mercedes-Benz GLA in front went, but then slammed on his brakes as he saw a car coming from the right on the roundabout....
I'm a taxi driver and would like to fix a dash camera in my taxi. I contacted my insurance to find out if installing a dash cam could reduce my premium. They replied no and they will just make a note that...
Is a dual lens dash cam worth buying or should I just go for one in the front windscreen?
What front and rear dash cams, which are simple to setup and use, would you recommend?

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