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What’s the best dashcam for £150-£200?
There is information available stating that if you enable parking mode on the Garmin Mini Dash cam then the units overheat. Can you elaborate, please?
Can you recommend a dash cam that can record inside and outside the car with a quick download time so I can view files quickly? My nextbase 412GW takes forever. Many thanks.
After having been subjected to reckless harassment on the motorway yesterday, I'm considering purchasing front and rear in-car cameras. I should appreciate if you recommend a good but relatively simple...
I'm bewildered by the range of dash cams on offer and would be grateful for your advice. I would like a hard wired system with front and rear cameras that will also record whilst parked. My priorities...
I want to buy a dash cam suitable to switch between cars, including use in two classics - which have smaller windscreens - so size is a consideration. This is new technology for me but I want GPS and easy...
Is there a dash cam and sat nav combination available anywhere?
If I fit a dash camera into my car, do I need to inform my insurance company?
I need to arrange a tracker for my company car. I would also like to have a camera at the same time. However the tracker needs to produce reports for work. Any thoughts?
I'm looking for a replacement dash cam with speed indication on the screen. Reviews on the Garmin 56 do not fill me with confidence, do you have any suggestions?

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