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I note that this dash cam can be operated by battery, I assume by internal battery alone, can you advise as to how long it will operate by battery, and is the battery included in the cost? I also note...
I have three vehicles but obviously cannot drive them all at once. Is it possible to buy a dashcam that I can transfer between them?
Is it possible to buy a dashcam that is battery powered i e it doesn’t need any wiring to power it? I’m told that Jaguar do not approve of hard wiring in an I pace and there is no convenient 12v socket...
What’s the best front and rear dash cam?
Which are the best front and rear dash cams to buy?
I have just bought a new Nissan Qashqai and want to fit a dashcam suitable for front and back. My budget is £100 to £200. What would you recommend?
Could you please recommend a good quality dashcam for both front and rear at a sensible price? I have a front only Nextbase 312GW and it seems there's a small separate camera I can get that's located on...
In your article on dash cams you list a number of European countries where it is illegal to use them. Is it legal to use a dash cam in the USA when I hire a car?
I need a dash cam that can be powered by the USB socket in my car, is there such a thing? Alternatively, is it possible to have some form of extension lead that has a 12v socket and plug?
My girlfriend had a serious crash recently and her dash camera didn’t register anything but headlights with the other vehicle involved. What dash cam would you recommend for night vision/poor light conditions?