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I have previously been recommended a product called Zoff/Zorf for cleaning smeared windscreens but I cannot find any. My local Halfords don't sell it and have never heard of it. Is there anything similar?
I am bothered by glare from the dashboard of our Suzuki Vitara, particularly when driving tree-lined routes (It seems particularly bad with this car compared with many others I have driven - presumably...
What type of screenwash do you recommend?
Can you recommend a non-corrosive alloy wheel cleaner which will remove marks, due to brake dust?
I would like to get a dash cam in the range £80 to £120. I want it to have WiFi and be able to connect to a desktop computer. I would like it to record GPS data as well. I want the microphone to be able...
I am looking to wash my car want to restore to the optimum near new look, eliminating as many scratches as possible while restoring colour and ensuring protection and providing all round protection. Ideally,...
I am considering fitting a reversing camera to my recently purchased Honda Jazz, to supplement the reversing sensors. I am looking at the Halfords EchoMaster monitor and reversing camera, but the reviews...
Please can you recommend a tyre inflator/jump starter? I have read about many of these but there seem to be a lot of negative comments
I have just purchased a Subaru XV. I was offered body protection at a ridiculous cost. Can you recommend a polish to carry out the protection myself?
Following a minor collision in which the other driver accepted full liability has made me realise that I was lucky, especially when there were no witnesses. I have decided to invest in a dashcam. Any recommendations?

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