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I have had a lot of time on my hands during the lockdown and decided to give the car a good clean. It's metallic black so shows up virtually any marks. No matter how careful I am, the bodywork has marks...
I have just purchased a new car which I have to keep outside on my drive. Can you recommend a car polish that will give it good protection through the winter months?
I have a one-year-old Mercedes C200 in Celonite Grey paint. What polish or wax would you recommend?
My son lives in Twickenham and keeps his car in a public car park which is covered in trees. His old car had several big marks in the paintwork on the bonnet and roof caused by bird poo which is obviously...
What do you recommend as the best car polish?
Can you recommend an electric car polisher for home use, please?
I am looking to wash my car want to restore to the optimum near new look, eliminating as many scratches as possible while restoring colour and ensuring protection and providing all round protection. Ideally,...
What is the best wax car polish for an older vehicle?
Can you recommend the best polish to use on my Mercedes-Benz S-Class please?

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