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I have a musty odour in my car. Which product do you recommend to get rid of it? The car is garaged and does not have constant use.
What's the best convertible roof restorer to buy for faded black soft top?
Are protective covers worth buying? I wonder if buying a cover to protect my car from bird lime and other contaminants is worth buying. Are they likely to damage the paint work through rubbing due to wind...
Which tyre inflator do you recommend? A recent puncture on my wife's car has highlighted the vulnerability of modern cars carrying no spare wheel.
Do you recommend dash cams? Does fitting one to a modern car interfere with sensors, like hazard warnings? Is there a model you particularly recommend?
There's a lovely big hand print left by a greasy palm on the wing of my wife's car. We think it was a sun lotion and it's properly baked on. I've tried a range of solvents to remove it, without success....
Is there a dash cam and sat nav combination available anywhere?
I recently purchased a 2018 Hyundai i10. I've given it a wash and wax, but I can now see a small paint imperfection - which I suspect was caused by the previous owner not having cleaned bird mess off the...
My girlfriend had a serious crash recently and her dash camera didn’t register anything but headlights with the other vehicle involved. What dash cam would you recommend for night vision/poor light conditions?
My son has a 2017 Mini convertible, which is often left outside. What is the correct way to clean, maintain and protect the soft-top roof?

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