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Most recently answered satnav questions
We both need to update our respective 2014 Skoda Yeti sat navs which are more than five years old. Where do we get it from?
I have a 2012 Land Rover Freelander with built in sat nav. Obviously it’s not picking up many of the current new roads so needs updating. The price from Land Rover is over the top, are there any reliable...
Two years ago when I bought a new Honda CR-V the built in satnav had a traffic icon which when pressed could give a map showing traffic conditions in the neighbourhood and which also calculated and informed...
I'm looking for a reliable sat nav. I have previously owned a TomTom and a Garmin but recently, the Garmin seems to have taken on a life of it's own and sends me on completely random roads in the wrong...
Can you advise a small automatic car with sat nav? Budget is about £15,000.
Is there a dash cam and sat nav combination available anywhere?
What would be the best navigation unit to buy for using on a fly drive around the USA?
I wanted to update my Nissan Micra sat nav, which didn't have speed camera warning function. I downloaded what looked like just the thing from a free speed camera website onto a memory stick and uploaded....
What's the best value satnav?
Suzuki advise that the price for an SD card bearing the latest maps for its built-in SatNav will cost £272. The SatNav maps are likely to be close to a year old since I bought the car secondhand, which...

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