Is there a dash camera/sat nav combo?

Is there a dash cam and sat nav combination available anywhere?

Asked on 27 April 2020 by JIM FINEGAN

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Yes, the Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-D is a sat nav unit that features an integrated dash cam, in an effort to cut down on windscreen clutter and fuss. You simply put it in your car, plot the route and set off; the dash cam will then capture any incidents along the way, which could make an insurance claim far easier to resolve. We've reviewed it too, so we'll link to that below.

If you need a new sat nav, and think that a dash cam would be beneficial on the trips you intend to take, then this Garmin is worth considering. It’s an excellent sat nav unit, for starters, and is easy to use. And, while the quality of the footage from the camera isn’t great, it serves its purpose and the set-up helps minimise the number of cables, mounts and devices in the car.

Our review can be found here:
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