Can I get a safety camera warning installed on my sat nav?

I wanted to update my Nissan Micra sat nav, which didn't have speed camera warning function. I downloaded what looked like just the thing from a free speed camera website onto a memory stick and uploaded. It only uploaded halfway, then stopped. Since then, the sat nav has stopped working. I've tried inserting a newer map card, which the car accepted, but the same tracking problems remained. So the download would seem to have affected the software. Any suggestions? Is there any way I can get a speed camera function on a March 2010 model?

Asked on 7 September 2018 by Isabel Pack

Answered by Georgia Petrie
There are a few ways to get safety camera alerts. The first is to use a dash cam, which is a useful device to have anyway. Dash cams like the Garmin 55 ( and Mio C330 ( give safety camera warnings. Or you could opt for a smartphone app, like TomTom’s Speed Cameras app. Waze, a navigational app, also gives warnings about various things, i.e. average speed zones, cars sat on the hard shoulder, traffic, debris in the road etc because it gets live-updates from other users. Just make sure you have a holder, like a magnetic vent mount, for your smartphone. As for the damaged sat nav, I never recommend downloading anything free online because it could well be a scam. I'd advise taking it to a Nissan dealer to see if they can sort the issue for you.
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